Clothing Hacks Everyone Should Know

There are few things that can ruin a day quicker than one of your favorite shirts or dresses that has a brand new, unremovable stain on it, or a pair of shoes that just got ruined mid-wear.

Here’s a list of must-know clothing hacks to (hopefully) make your life easier:

1. Can’t find an earring backing or small accessory that you just dropped? Pull a stocking over a vacuum hose and suction the area where you think you lost it.

2. Turn a button-down shirt inside out when ironing to avoid accidentally popping the buttons off.

3. Wearing new canvas shoes when it starts to downpour? Beeswax works as a waterproof sealant in a pinch.

4. Quickly iron an errant collar with a thin hair straightener.

5. Rub zipper teeth with a graphite pencil to get them unstuck.

6. Get rid of deodorant stains by rubbing them with denim. Just test a small area first to make sure no color transfer occurs. Bonus Tips: Sweat stains can be removed with lemon juice.

7. As if you needed a reason to open a second bottle, white wine is great for removing red wine stains.

8. Prevent tight runs from getting worse by spritzing them with hairspray.

9. Find out which clothing you never wear by hanging all of your hangers backwards and then turning them the right way after you wear something.

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