Working out tips from Chris Sports

When working out, one does not simply lift weights and go about his routine. Before pumping up your muscles, you have to consider a few safety measures to make sure that you get the best results of the exercise.


Chris Sports, one of the companies in the Philippines that offer premium exercise and fitness gear made by top-notch brands known for their superior quality, suggests effective work out tips for eager gym buff:

    1. Warm your body up before you start lifting weights. Stretching prevents muscles from pulling and tearing.
    2. One’s gym room must also be not too hot or too cold. This prevents you from getting dehydrated. Drink water at small amounts in short intervals. This keeps you from being bloated and at the same time keeps you rehydrated.
    3. Proper attire should also be considered. The clothes we wear should not be too loose or too tight so that we can comfortably lift our arms and legs when doing any routine.
    4. Proper and quality equipment is also key to working out. Make sure that your equipment is in good condition, and is of top quality. Generic brands tend to wear and tear through the months. Don’t settle for anything cheap because it’s a bad investment.
    5. Using equipment of bad quality puts those who want to look good at a bigger risk. The equipment should be a brand trusted by users, one with a good reputation and had already built its name in the fitness industry, and known to provide the latest and the best exercise equipment in the market.
    6. Setting up your own gym is also an investment. Do not settle for mediocre, cheap stuff that will do more harm than good.

Chris Sports equipment are available at any of their 33 branches located in metro cities and provinces nationwide. For more information, log-on to

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