7 Tips for Hosting a Delicious Fondue Night

Love fondue? You don’t have to pay a hefty tab at a trendy restaurant to enjoy the sticky treat. Put that fondue maker to good use! Read on for seven ways to make – and enjoy – fondue at home and visit GirlyTwirly.com for more gift ideas.

1. You don’t need a fancy fondue pot. A basic ceramic pot will work great for chocolate fondue. It should come with fondue forks and a tea light that heats slowly.

2. If you’re making cheese fondue, a chocolate fondue pot isn’t ideal. A cheese fondue pot is larger and lower than a chocolate pot. This makes the cheese melt faster without burning.

3. Separate dippers onto different plates. Nobody wants their cheddar cheese mixing with their Twinkie! If you’re having friends over, use a tiered plate set to be extra fancy.

4. Use ramekins to help catch any dripping cheese or chocolate as you take your treat from the fondue pot to your watering mouth. Hand out napkins, too!

5. You may not be a fan of dark chocolate in your day to day life, but when you’re dipping sweet goodies, they’re best paired with bitter chocolate.

6. Use a mix of cheeses in your fondue. You can even find fondue cheese that’s pre-mixed for your eating pleasure!

7. Bread isn’t the only thing that tastes great when dipped in cheese. Sliced meats work well, too, like thick-sliced salami.

Whether you want to keep it simple or go extra gourmet, having a fondue dinner or party is an easy way to prepare a delicious meal.

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