Beauty Product Feature: Your Whitest White Skin with SkinWhite

What’s a girl to do when three of her favorite things come in one package: chevron stripes, pink and personalized? Go giddy and just drink it in! Not literally, silly! Thank you so much, Skin White for these goodies and my personalized chevron pink overnight bag! You know a blogger is really excited when there’s a whole lot of exclamation marks in one paragraph, right? 🙂

pink chevron overnight bag skin white

Between the hubby and me, it’s really him who’s been the longer time user of Skin White. It all started when I had him try the Skin White deo and he hasn’t switched since. That’s counting more than 5 years now. As for yours truly, I can’t go without a bottle of SkinWhite PowerWhitening Lotion. In fact, I have it in the car’s compartment, in my closet and in my stash of toiletries supply. Ever since I’ve realized that I can’t step out of the house without sunscreen, I make sure I apply lotion with SPF. I’ve tried other brands but find them too greasy for comfort, so I always switch right back to Skin White. 🙂

skin white advanced whitening facial cleanser

Skin White Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser, comes in 75ml and 135ml bottles.

As soon as I learned that Skin White’s facial cleanser has Witch Hazel Extract, let’s just say they got me all ears. I’ve always believed in the benefits of Witch Hazel on the skin. SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Facial Cleanser removes stubborn dirt, excess oil and makeup residue. The micro-exfoliating technology and Witch Hazel Extract help keep acne at bay, also helps dryness with its Vitanourish Formula. It claims to give a smoother, whiter, blemish-free complexion in 7 days.

skin white advanced whitening soap


SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Soap, comes in 65g (P26), 90g (44.50) and 125g (P60.75)

SkinWhite Soap helps us prevent and reverse skin darkening in every use as it uses synchronized whitening action and is enriched with Vitanourish formula that’s fortified with Vitamins B5, B3 and Vit.E that effectively whiten, soften and keep skin hydrated.

It’s my first time to use this, I’ll let you in how it fares later. 🙂

skin white lotion


SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion, comes in 50ml (P71), 75ml (123.25) and 200ml (P235)

You know the first thing that got me to try SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion the first time? Its Advanced Tripower Technology that claims to instantly and continuously whitens skin packed with SPF20. I believe I picked this up after an extended beach vacay with the family. I got so many shades darker and came back home not recognizing myself. Haha! I didn’t really keep track of my skin’s development but I guess by my virtue of repurchasing since, my skin’s probably liking what this lotion is doing. 🙂

SkinWhite Advanced PowerWhitening Lotion has Vitanourish formula with Vitamins B3, B5 and Vit.E that give the skin the moisturization it needs. The UV protection from the damaging rays of the sun makes this a must-have in my stash. I have personally been using this product for a while now  and cannot anymore count the number of times I’ve repurchased. Top notch ingredients and quality at reasonable price always have a place in my books. 🙂

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