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I don’t know about you but every piece of jewelry I own has its very own story to tell. The value goes beyond the tag price that came with each one, to be honest. So when F & C Jewelry expressed the same sentiment during their store launch at the SM Store in SM Makati last night, I couldn’t agree more. This totally brought me to the my Chanel designed ring and the charm bracelets I bought during my first year in the corporate world, to the engagement ring that my hubby gave me in 2001 to the one bigger rock he gifted me with for our 12th wedding anniversary. It is so true, that beyond the brilliance, the sparkle, the exquisite craftmanship and the clarity, the stories that come with each jewelry is what makes it valuable. Truth be told, I’d even go forward to even declare each of my jewelry as priceless gems. 🙂

A bunch of sparkly pretty things here at the launch of #fncjewelry #createyourstory

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This is the legacy that was passed on by the prestigious jewellers Marcelino and Susan Florete of F & C Jewelry (Florete & Caperonce) to their daughters Marissa and Marjorie Florete who have embraced one of the oldest and the biggest fine jewelry retailers in the country. F & C Jewelry have over fifty stores in the Philippines.   Colored Stone Summer 7 Colored Stone Summer  

F & C Jewelry has an endless array of jewelry collection that I feasted my eyes on during the launch. These pretty sparkly eye-candy things and then some. Colored Stone Summer More from the Colored Stone Summer Collection Colored Stone Summer Rings from the Colored Stone Summer Collection Gold Italian Tricolore: Yellow, White and Rose Gold Pearl F & C Pearl Collection  

I honestly have to see a daintier pearl setting. The delicate colored stones setting complements the pearl creating a magical piece of intricately designed ring. There are pearls that are plain and that’s okay but these pearl collection speak of personalities of different kinds. As a woman who loves pretty things, it is not uncommon for me to find a piece and say, “oh this is so me or you! (if I’m shopping with a friend)”  In fact, the lady behind the counter beamed when I tried a pretty, sparkly, heart-shaped ring on last night and I couldn’t help but squeal, “oh this is so Kris Aquino!”

Why so pretty? Lovin this heart design illusion ring. #fncjewelry #createyourstory A photo posted by jenaspacio (@jenaspacio) on

Is that not the prettiest heart-shaped ring there is! This heart-shaped illusion ring is more gorgeous in person. This shot doesn’t give it justice. You have to see it for yourself.

Pearl 8
I love Pearls in that they are the sole gems that are created by a living thing! It’s a fascinating fact I will totally never get over. Pearls are also the most feminine of them all. Look closely and it does not take a jewelry expert to see how delicate it looks.Wedding Wedding 8


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Knowing that every person’s journey is unique, F & C has recently launched a campaign, “Create Your Own Story,” which calls on patrons to immortalize memories by owning jewelry pieces that will forever be cherished. With the wide collection F & C Jewelry has, there’s surely a piece that will speak to you.

“At F&C, we take great efforts to fuse together quality gems and precious metals to create exemplary pieces that have timeless appeal. We commit to good quality and create innovative designs that will be relevant for future generations to come. All of these heirloom pieces, which may be passed on from one generation to the next, celebrate beauty and romance; all sound pieces and valuable touchstones that last a lifetime,” shares Marissa Florete, adding that F&C’s designs are both limitless and timeless.

Marissa further adds: “When people speak about jewelry the first thing people think about is the price. What sets us apart is that in our desire to provide Filipinos a chance at a wearable investment like jewelry, we have made it a point to offer affordable-luxury pieces aside from the very expensive ones in our stores. In this way, more and more Filipinos are given the chance to create their own stories as well.”

Now that’s one good news to all of us pretty-things-loving-people. 🙂

F&C Jewelry is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide and at the new Glorietta Mall. Visit to know more about their latest designs.

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