The Right Doctor

Before Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, established the Hippocratic oath for doctors, which includes treating patients to the best of their ability, patients have literally placed their lives and well-being in a doctor’s hands. They have expected their doctors to be fully competent and knowledgeable in their treatments. In today’s vast world of social communications people can, at the touch of a finger tip, search for and confirm credentials for a doctor in any specialized field of medicine. Patient blogs and testimonials may be used to gauge doctors’ skills, such as medical knowledge, training, and certifications as well as personal skills like bedside manner and ability to communicate clearly.

Diabetic Care
Diabetes carries its own unique set of symptoms and potential problems. Therefore, just as someone who develops chronic angina would seek a cardiologist, it’s especially critical for any patient with diabetes to seek a doctor who has experience and medical background in diabetic care.

Diabetic Complications
As with any chronic disease, having diabetes can lead to complications. Diabetic complications include limb ischemia, diabetic foot ulcers, and peripheral artery disease. More extensive treatments, possibly even surgery, may be needed if these or other complications arise. If surgery is required, a general and vascular surgeon with experience in treatment of diabetic complications helps build patient confidence in the available options. For example, Dr Paul Collins St Petersburg FL has extensive medical training and experience in surgical procedures for diabetics and is capable of helping patients reach informed decisions. Half the battle for any medical treatment is the trust patients have for their doctor and in their skills.

People who need medical care are no longer limited to doctors within a limited geographical range. They have the technology and tools to research for and go to almost any doctor they choose for treatment. Patients must have confidence in their doctors and believe they have their best interests in mind as they proceed with medical care and treatment. However, there is still no substitute for top rated training and experience when people require specialized care in diseases such as diabetes.

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