Blue Water Day Spa Introduces Therapeutic Colonic Massage for Faster Weight Loss

I’ve learned recently that stress comes in three different major forms: postural, emotional and chemical. All of which contribute in our quality of life. I know this for a fact since my bad back has been pretty persistent in making this felt.Then there comes the chemical pollution from the air that brings with it unbelievable amounts of toxins to our system. We subject ourselves to regular free radicals and it’s not as if we have a choice. It has become a way of life, truth be told, and we barely have control over it.

But we do the best that we can and as good stewards of our health, vigilance is always the key. Regular detoxification nowadays has become more than just a luxury. With the choice of food, sure we can always try to go organic but with the air pollution we encounter whether we commute or drive, create a build up of free radicals that need to be purged off our bodies.

Therapeutic Colonic Massage

Therapeutic Colonic Massage

Along with the introduction of their newest ambassadors:Christian Bautista, MIss Universe 2013 Third Runner-Up Ariella Arida, Ken Alfonso and Wyn Marquez, Blue Water Day Spa recently launched its most effective detox management treatment – The Therapeutic Colonic Massage: Detox for Faster Weight Loss.

L-R: Wyn Marquez, Christian Bautista, Ara Arida and Ken Alfonso

One of the country’s most sought after brand endorser, Christian Bautista (pictured above), vouches for the effective detoxification that the Therapeutic Colonic Massage personally benefits him. He shares, “As a performer, my schedules are hectic and always changing, so I have to be in the best shape possible to meet all the demands of my work. The long nights and late meals do take a toll on my body. With the Blue Water Day Spa Therapeutic Colonic Massage, I feel better and have more energy. It’s a gentle detox that serves a dual purpose. Because it helps you lose weight too!”

blue water day colonic massage

During the launch, a demonstration of the Therapeutic Colonic Massage was done by a trained and certified Blue Water Day Spa therapist.

The treatment concentrates on the abdominal area, loosening the hardened blockages in the system through massage. The body then, naturally  purges wastes through normal bodily functions. This treatment makes use of chamomile oil, reinforcing a more relaxing experience, in the calming ambiance of the Blue Water Day Spa suites. While a single session will give the body relief from common digestive issues such as: constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal pains and cramps, regular and weekly treatments offer long-term benefits including: improved sleep, more toned abdominal muscles and restored energy.

Miss Universe 2013 Third Runner Up Ariella Arida visits Blue Water Day spa whenever she has the time. She shared about pampering herself with a relaxing and beautifying Collagen Facial Treatment, to keep her skin looking youthful with a special glow. Winwyn Marquez during the launch shared that her favorite treatment is the Photo Therapy Flash (IPL) Treatment, a highly advanced yet safe laser technology that takes care of unwanted hair permanently. Now that’s something I would really love to try out for myself. Who loves shaving, right?!

Ken Alfonso vouches for the treatment that helps keep his abs perfect with Blue Water Day Spa’s Revitafirm and Revitashape. The treatment uses the technology of heat through the RF machine. It tones the body and melts away excess cellulite.

I’m keeping all this in mind and will surely try Blue Water Day Spa’s Therapeutic Colonic Massage. I’m all for detox and being healthier, especially having recently realized that free radicals are bound to multiply more than otherwise. We’ve got to do what we can and take advantage of detoxification treatments to reinforce a healthier lifestyle.

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