Alex Gonzaga Shares Her Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hacks by Alex Gonzaga

While we might have figured out a regimen that has worked for us, learning a brand new thing or two can prove to be handy as we try to instill good regimen or level-up on how to be good steward of the one skin we are blessed with.

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Alex Gonzaga, Proactiv’s first Filipina face, shares some beauty hacks that have proven effective for her through the years. The demands of her job as an actress and tv host can be tough. This means she needs to constantly have clear and radiant skin and we all know that especially for us women, hormones can get out of wack certain times of the month.

Let’s hear from Alex herself how she manages to maintain flawless, acne-free skin.

Let Alex count the ways: (Beauty Hacks by Alex Gonzaga)

1. A good night’s sleep is key

“Sleep helps the skin recover after a long tiring day so I make sure I get enough rest every night,” she explains. Stress causes sebaceous glands produce more oil and make skin extra oily leading to formation of acne. Getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night has been proven reduce one’s stress level.

2. I chug lots of water

Increasing the amount of water you drink is a great way to flush out internal toxins and hydrate your skin from the inside out. Alex shares she always keeps a bottle of water on standby to keep her hydrated during long hours of shoot.

3. Exercise is good for blood circulation

Physical activity cuts stress which may contribute to acne. Improved blood circulation helps the skin by sending more oxygen to your skin cells and carrying the cell wastes away. “I do pilates regularly. It is fun and a great way to relieve stress,” Alex adds.

4. Sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no

No matter how tired she is after a long day at the set, Alex religiously takes time to remove all traces of makeup from her face to make sure her pores are not clogged with sweat, dust, and dirt.

5. Invest in over-the-counter product

“Proactiv has always been part of my beauty regimen for six years. Its specially-formulated ingredients help treat and prevent acne so I won’t have to deal with it,” Alex shares. Alex swears by Proactiv, the leading anti-acne treatment product which is safe and effective for almost everyone.

Composed of the complete 3-Step System to knock out acne, Proactiv is very easy to use. Step 1 is the Renewing Cleanser, an oil-free, soap-free medicated exfoliating cleanser that kills acne-causing bacteria with U.S. prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide. Step 2 is the Revitalizing Toner, a refreshing alcohol-free toner that refines and purifies pores. Step 3 is the Repairing Treatment, a feather-light, invisible medicated treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria.

Every Proactiv kit comes with a free Proactiv Refining Mask, a rich, deep-cleansing mask formulated with sulfur, a proven acne- fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin. “Proactiv requires less than five minutes a day. It’s convenient and it works,” shares Alex.

Take it from Alex. Aside from enough sleep, Alex and I share the exact beauty regimen for as long as I can remember. But instead of Pilates, which I barely have a time for (but I’ve been so longing, even attempted along the way, to learn), I’m doing 3-minute planks every day, with progressive squats. When I do get the luxury of time, maybe squeeze in a 4-minute work out.

Will you share your beauty tips and regimen that have worked for you personally? Hit the comments section and type away, dear readers. I would so love to hear from you. 🙂

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