Nail Painting Tips

Painting your nails, whether doing it solo or as bonding time with friends can be a fun activity. It provides us with the opportunity to explore our creativity, as we get to enjoy having fab nails and look our best. The colors and patterns you can choose from are countless,  getting a wide range of options isn’t even costly as such stores as Kohl’s often offer many amazing discounts you can enjoy with the use of some coupons from The type of polish you get matters a lot, but the technique of nail painting makes a huge difference, as well.

Useful tips that will make your cuticles look glamorous!

1. Limit Your Strokes

In many instances, women apply too much nail polish. What you might not realize is that a mere three strokes is all you need. The polish is able to do the majority of the work for you, so there is no need to apply too much. Start by dipping your brush into the bottle and allow the polish to spread out as it is being placed on the nail. All it takes is a little dot to get the job done. Simply start at the nail’s base and stroke your brush left, right and center.

2. Select The Right White

White nail polish has never been any trendier than it is right now, but you need to know which shades of white will work best for you. The formula must also be creamy and thick. If you do not select the right consistency, the polish will look streaky and sheer. To make sure that the nail polish you choose is properly opaque, wipe the brush against the inside of the bottle. When it looks sheer, this is a sign that it lacks proper pigmentation.

3. Use Cold Water

One of the most common problems that arise after nails have been painted is how to go on about the drying process. Luckily, you no longer have to sit and wait while the nails dry! To speed up the process, you can hold your hands under cold water – the colder, the better. You can also lightly dip your freshly painted fingertips into some ice water.

4. Keep Polish In The Fridge

To stretch your nail polish and make it last longer, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place, such as your fridge. When you nail polish receives excessive exposure to heat and sunlight, this can cause numerous issues. For example, the color can be significantly altered by exposure to the sun and the thickness also diminishes when it is not properly stored.

5. Don’t Shake It

Contrary to popular belief, you should not be shaking your bottles of polish. Instead, you should be rolling the bottle back and forth between each hand, while holding it vertically. This keeps air bubbles from developing in the lacquer and ensures a smooth finish during the application process.

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