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While it’s true that some beauty blogs have gained considerable authority when it comes to the number of followers and good, even viral posts, expertise on skin care is something else really. Beauty blogs (including mine) usually publish beauty products/regimen that work for us. We review products and give our take on brands but that’s it. Although we’re sharing a handful lot and have gained confidence that we know what we’re talking about, at the end of the day, truth remains that skin issues are vast. What might work for me, might not work on another skin type. This is why I mention disclaimer on my posts, even if I’m super duper stoked on what I might even consider a new beauty find as “holy grail.”


I recently attended a talk on’s led by Editor-in-Chief Nicole Romero. Skin Matters is not your regular beauty blog. It is a website dedicated to skin care, a collaboration of Unilever, the Philippine Dermatological Society and an editorial team of skin care experts and writers. The goal is to offer concerned men and women an omnibus site of everything skincare related. It especially caught my attention after learning that Skin Matters does not just post random articles on a whim. They actually look into Google trends data related on skin care and that’s what they tackle – making every article they post, relevant.

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Addressing Skin Concerns

Featuring a wide array of content, houses everything from articles on how to best fight pimples, and how to decode your sunscreen, to how-to videos, and even top bloggers’ and celebrities’ tips and trends. Visitors can read testimonials from real users and can recommend products themselves in the reviews section of the website. But perhaps the most exciting feature about the website is the Ask a Derma functionality, where readers can consult with the Philippine Dermatological Society regarding specific and worrisome skin concerns for free. PDS representatives will also give real-time answers for these users’ concerns.

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“The website will be curated to remind our readers about the importance of taking care of their skin,” Nicole explains. “We teach them how to find the best products for their complexion by talking about the best ingredients to look out for in the aisles – not which brands to buy.”


I got to explore Skin Matters for myself, specifically its “Ask a Derma” feature and dropped a Dermatologist a query on Skin Care. My question? It’s about Frankincense essential oil as an anti-aging ingredient. I’ve been incorporating this in my night cream and have been really impressed by it. I was told to expect a reply in the next 48 hours. Will have this post updated then.  🙂

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