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When it comes to hair, I’ve always been the adventurous type – only because I know that whether I chop it all off, or go crazy, maybe get some kinky curls or have a boy cut, it’s just hair and will grow back anyway. That used to be my “true story” since I learned to style, layer my own hair (when I was in high school). “Used to be,” because it’s been more than 2 years (I believe) since I last colored or subjected my main to some crazy hair treatment (blowout, rebond and whathaveyous). I’m still currently in this, what I feel like calling “hair-hibernation phase.”

I’ve seen for myself how all the years and years of hair treatment/color took their toll on my poor locks. I’ve kind of gone rebellious and jettison everything I’ve ever gotten used to when it comes to hair. And I actually kind of feel like patting myself on the back, for making it this far. You see, I’ve tried in the past but failed.

The #BeautyExperts have spoken here at #CreamSilkDoubleUp #BeautyEvent #beautyexperttips

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Now that I think about it, I only felt the urgency to totally turn away from what my hair got used to is because of the ugly after effects of hair coloring and whathaveyou treatments. This was further reinforced in me when Beauty Experts Agoo Bengzon, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, RissaMananquil-Trillo, Cara Favila and Raymond Santiago each discussed the relevance of Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner and how it is superior to other brands. In a nutshell, giving the hair the right care will provide the freedom that we need to freely experiment on our hair. Oh do I miss going crazy with my hair! That said, the right care can actually be subjective. For someone hardcore and who used to have a blowout every 4 months, less than intensive care is not enough. With Cream Silk’s latest innovation in hair care, we are encouraged to double up on beauty, get carefree with our hair without worry with the new Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner. We no longer have to worry about dry, dull hair, stopping us from taking our look from good to great. 

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Amongst the Beauty Experts was Raymond Santiago himself – the famous hairstylist of Cream Slik World Class Filipina, Anne Curtis. Raymond shared that he witnesses how much constant styling can really damage the hair. “Doubling up your beauty can be as simple as letting your hair down. I always recommend a great conditioner that works twice as hard to rescue your dry hair.” he said.

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Cream Silk’s Beauty Expert Recommended Daily Treatment Conditioner promises to give life back to my hair and my plan is to get this road tested the soonest. I won’t just take their word for it and subject my hair right away to hair color and treatments like I used to. I’m going to observe for myself first how it’s going to address my many hair issues. The moment I see considerable improvement, my locks will say hello to color once again! 🙂

Cream Silk Beauty Box

Thank you, Cream Silk for this gift of beauty to get me jump started in “Doubling Up” my daily beauty routine with no less than these star-picks (my forever favorite K-Palette, Happy Skin and Zara) from the Beauty Experts themselves.

Cream Silk, along with their beauty experts, summons us Filipinas to Double Up our beauty by following simple video tutorials featuring the top beauty and hair experts that will be available for on

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner is available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores for PHP 140.50.

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