Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills

As we typically jump start the year with New Year’s resolutions, it is only but timely to get fitness on our priority list. Incidentally, I recently toured the newly launched plush Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian, Greenhills. Allow me to take you on a virtual tour. 🙂


Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian is the 5th Platinum club of Fitness First. Located at the Viridian Tower, the newest and most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri Streets in San Juan City.


After handing in my Driver’s License (valid ID), I was given a Guest Locker Card to stash away my stuff.

Viridian_Locker Room

Fitness First Platinum Viridian Locker Room

Viridian_Cardio Area_Octane

The club occupies a sprawling 1,860 square meters of the first and second levels of Viridian and is poised to redefine the fitness experience with its innovative club design, expansive Freestyle floor area and cutting-edge equipment.


Plyosoft Box Training

This Platinum club boasts of the first RepHouse Freestyle Floor specifically designed by Fitness First experts to provide members the true essence of Dynamic Movement Training. The exclusively designed floor is used for Freestyle Group Training, a quick 30-minute small group format that caters to people on the go.


Master Trainer Jeremy demonstrates the use of this Suspension contraption similar to TRX.


The boxing area


Stationary Bikes


Freestyle Exercises are also available for Club Members so they can systematically work on specific areas and achieve their workout goal.


Another highlight that is exclusive to this club is the Water Rower, a top-of-the-line equipment regarded for its precise replication of a boat moving through water. This rowing machine can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and works on 84% of one’s muscle mass in just one exercise.


Did I mention how plush Viridian’s Fitness First Platinum Club is? I love how I can practically spend hours of the day here – workout and work on freelance projects in between. The unlimited coffee and tea are all available for club members.


The 30-member strong Fitness Team are all certified in kick boxing, Powerplate and Octane. All of them are passionate about helping members achieve their fitness goals and most of them also teach Group Exercise classes.

The club proudly offers more than 470 Group Exercise Classes throughout the month and includes dance, cycling, Hardcore, BodyCombat, and BodyJam classes to name a few. Aerial Yoga, the latest craze in yoga is also available. This fun, new and creative approach to yoga uses a yoga swing to support the body to comfortably execute poses for an extended period. A bit challenging but definitely a must-try.

I’m looking forward to visit Fitness First the soonest and finally put my foot down on this long overdue gym resolution. Watch out for my posts as I will document my progress. 🙂

For membership inquiries, contact Phoebe Zamora, Club General Manager, at 706-1465, or visit

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