In Her Shoes on 2nd Avenue

Oh to wear many a hat! Girl, do I know so well! This is something we, modern-day Filipinas have grown accustomed to. Aside from being hands-on with the on-goings in the family, I also do my freelance job and I homeschool on top of all that. Did I mention I have given up on house help when our dear Ate Denna left in 2012? My daily grind can be quite crazy, I tell you. But I survive. It’s just a matter of juggling it right and making sure I self-care at the beginning of the day. Self-Care = Soul Care (Daily Devotion), before I even set one foot off the bed. The struggle is real and the challenges are aplenty but the fulfillment I feel at the end of the day of being able to do what I felt I was appointed to do through the day is beyond words.

On  December 2015,  2nd  Avenue  premiered  In  Her  Shoes,  the  all-­‐new  30-­‐minute  lifestyle  magazine  show  that  trains   the  spotlight  on  women  whose  passions  are  not  limited  to  home,  child-­‐rearing,  beauty  and,  fashion.  The  show   steps  into  the  different  lives  of  2nd  Avenue  women  as  it  takes  a  sneak  peek  into  the  distinct  interests  and  cliques   of  varied  archetypes  of  women—from  bloggers,  artsy  types,  the  foodies,  and  the  fitness  buffs.

2nd Avenue In Her Shoes

A  multi-­‐faceted  woman  herself,  China  Cojuangco-­‐Gonzalez  is  hosting  In  Her  Shoes.  “I’m  a  chef  together  with  my   husband  Gino,  and  a  mother  to  my  beautiful  daughter,  Lucia.  Naturally,  I’m  curious  about  what  other  women   like  us  do  as  they  go  about  their  lives.  Join  me,  as  we  discover  the  modern  woman’s  story,  her  passions,  goals,   missteps,  and  triumphs.”

In  Her  Shoes  premieres  on  December  20,  Sunday  at  6:30  PM.  Catch  the  replays  on  the  following  timeslots:   Mondays  at  10:30  PM,  Wednesdays  at  4:30  PM,  Thursdays  at  9:30  PM,  and  Saturdays  at  9  AM.

Check  out  2nd  Avenue  on,  @2nd_Avenue on  Twitter  via and  @2ndavenuetv on   Instagram.   2nd  Avenue  is  the  female  entertainment  channel  for  strong,  successful  women  craving  light  and  relatable   programs  that  reflect  their  concerns,  passions  and  interests.  Seen  on  seen  on  UHF  Free  TV  Ch.  29,  SkyCable  Ch.   19,  Global  Destiny  Cable  Ch.  29,  Cablelink  Ch.  35,  and  Cignal  Ch.  28.

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