Salon Review: Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon’s Japanese Rebonding System

It was early last month when I first got pumped to go crazy with my hair again. My locks have been on treatment hiatus for almost 3 years and having my hair Japanese rebonded by the celebrated hair and make-up artist, Akira of Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon is the best way to “break my fast.” Finally, a hair treatment post after almost 3 years! 🙂

Akira Hair and Make-up

Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon is located at the G/F of Regina Hometel, 7272 J. Victor S., Makati City.

The salon is near LIttle Tokyo and  a kilometer away from Greenbelt Mall. The salon is soon to franchise in different places within the metro as Akira makes sure his hair and make-up artists will all be well-trained to keep the quality of his beauty services as he trains them himself in the school he’s putting up south of the metro.

P_20160121_104206 P_20160121_104147

Akira has been featured in various lifestyle magazines, including Preview.


I was jittery for days! I kind of gotten used to my natural waves and I was afraid I’d damage my hair all over again if I jump in to get my hair rebonded again. My last rebond was in 2010 and my last hair treatment was a Keratin Treatment done at the Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon in 2013.  So the jitters are pretty much forgivable. 3 years is a long time! Well technically, it’s around 2 and a half years, since it was last quarter of 2013. 🙂



It may not all be that conspicuous, but my hair has been rather unruly. Precisely why I sport an up bun 90% of the time.


Amongst the many celebrities Akira has styled are Alodia and Sarah G.


japanese rebonding primer

In all the times I got my hair rebonded, it’s the first time that the stylist never used a pair of gloves – proof that this Japanese way of hair straightening is a tad safer than the regular rebond. Nothing of that usual funky smell of rebond too, thank you. 🙂

P_20160121_121746_BF P_20160121_121848_BF

Hands-on, no less! Akira himself did my hair from start to finish! I love it! 

P_20160121_130816 P_20160121_131835

Shampoo, product application, blowdry, iron – Akira did the whole Japanese Rebonding steps by himself.


I was pleased how my hair turned out so pretty after Akira painstakingly ironed every 1 inch thick of my hair.


After ironing, the neutralizer lotion was applied all over my hair, then shampooed after a short while of waiting. I can’t remember a rebond session in the past that lasted less than 4 hours. This whole Japanese rebonding session by Akira did not exceed a minute over 2 hours! I was impressed. You see, when we hear the word, “rebond,” it is usually followed by at least 4 grueling hours! While we are for the most part, willing for the sake of beauty, getting the digit halved brought a sweet sigh of relief! 🙂


Akira’s Japanese Rebond is packaged with hair cut and Macadamia Treatment (pictured above)


Thank you Akira for taking such good care of my tresses!


I’m one happy Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon customer! I simply have not seen my locks as shiny and as smooth as they are now. Almost a week in and they still are shiny and as pretty. Giddy, giddy me! This Japanese Rebonding System by Akira is said to last around 6 months. Let’s see how my locks will fare in the coming months. 🙂

Regular Rebond vs. Japanese Rebonding System

When opting for a different look, particularly a sleek, straighter hair, the old school go to option used to be the typical, regular rebonding system. The Japanese Rebonding System is hands-down an upgrade, with the following benefits versus the typical Rebonding system, as we know it:

  • Regular rebond gives a stick straight, broomstick finish. While Japanese Rebond gives a sleek, straight but still with volume hair.

  • Hair fall is almost always expected with regular rebond. While with Japanese Rebond, no hair fall.

  • The product used in Regular Rebond is too strong and can burn the skin. The product used in Japanese Rebond is safe enough that application can be done by the stylist without wearing gloves.

  • Japanese Rebond is the only hair treatment that allows permanent hair color on the same day. This cannot be done with Regular Rebonded hair.

  • Post-procedure styling has the potential of creating permanent waves on a Regular Rebonded hair. I remember Korean stylist preventing me from wearing my shades over my head after my rebonding session several years back. Japanese Rebond allows for the hair to be more versatile without hurting the Japanese Rebonded hair. I vouch this to be true even as I have my hair up when I do my daily planking and light workout on everyday.

  • As opposed to its previous pricier price tag, Japanese Rebonding is made more affordable these days. While we can avail of Regular Rebonding at sometimes less than a thousand bucks regardless of the length, I still find it more practical to choose Japanese Rebonding, because of all the above-mentioned benefits.

akira salon hair rebond promo

Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon Rebond Promo only costs P2,999.  You get no less than quality, authentic Japanese Rebonding system along with all its treatment benefits at lesser cost.

Akira Hair & Make-Up Salon

Address: G/F of Regina Hometel, 7272 J. Victor St., Pio del Pilar, Makati City
Contact No. (632) 807.1189


  1. k c says:

    3 years na din since i had my hair got treated to salon hair rebonding.

  2. admin says:

    Try Akira Salon, KC! You won’t regret it. 🙂

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