Health Product Feature: Organique Acai Premium Blend

Organique Acai Premium Blend

As we live in a fast-paced generation, it is rather easy to take for granted the things that matters most and that includes our health. If we come to think of it, the stress that we go through on a daily basis have the makings of compromising our immune system and eventually snowballs to health issues along the way.  It is always a delight when we discover that nature itself has provided us with what we need to restore our health back to nourishment. One of which is the superfood, Acai (ah-sah-ee) Berry.

Acai Berry

Acai berries are small, dark purple berries considered to be the world’s number one superfood containing 10 times the antioxidants found in red grapes and blueberries. These antioxidants combat cell damage and promotes good health for us to continue living the good life.

Acai Berry is the main ingredient of Organique Acai Premium Blend, designed to help supplement the whole family’s nutritional requirements. From infant to adult, Organique Acai will benefit the family’s health.

“Antioxidants from Organique Acai help repair damaged cells so your body is replenished and functions better overall. You have more energy, aging is slowed, your immune system is strengthened,” says Catherine Salimbangon, Vice-President for Marketing of Organique Inc.

Acai Organique

Organique Acai Premium was launched in 2009.  The blend has gone through extensive research and is made of natural, wild harvested Acai berries from Brazil. With a manufacturing facility in California which is known for its stringent regulation on food safety, customers are rest assured of the highest quality in the processes up to the final product.

Organique Inc. also prides itself in being certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as “USDA Organic”. This means that Organique Acai has been produced through approved standards and methods according to specific requirements set by the US agency.

Respected urologist and surgeon Dr. Joseph Lee, is also a loyal user. He agrees to the health benefits of Acai berry on our health. “Scientists have already classified the acai berry as one of the world’s number one super foods. It is really in the berry itself, the contents of it that allow for wellness and alertness,” says Dr. Lee in an interview.

Cory Quirino for Organique

Among well-known personalities, TV host and wellness icon Cory Quirino and dancer and fitness enthusiast Regine Tolentino are both advocates of Organique Acai Premium Blend as well.


Daily Dose of Organique Acai

The recommended dose of Organique Acai Premium Blend is 30-60ml per day. But if you’re under the weather, doubling or tripling the dose is recommended to up your chances of recovery quickly. The blend is best taken pure on an empty stomach. It can also be added to smoothies to upgrade your drink several notches higher.

Benefits of Acai Berries Include:

  • Lowers bad cholesterol level

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Heals ulcer

  • Better sleep

  • Weight management

  • Increased energy level

  • Mental clarity

  • Stronger body

  • Improved immune system

  • Protection of blood vessels

  • Improved vision

Organique Acai has the highest concentration of Acai in the market and does not use preservatives and is available in the United States, Hong Kong Japan and the Middle East. Each 946-ml bottle sells with a suggested retail price of Php 2,500 at Mercury Drug, Pure Pharmacy, Robinson’s Supermarket, South Star Drug, Watsons. For more information, log on to or call (02) 4703580/(0922) 8887884. Follow “Organique Acai” on Facebook, and @OrganiqueAcai on Twitter/Instagram.

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