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Staying in shape is something that I admittedly, for the most part, have taken for granted. These days, as opposed to how I used to find it a breeze to lose excess pounds, it’s not as easy anymore. It must have something to do with age. I try to do planks everyday, it used to be a minute in the morning and another at night, but as expected, I’m back to just once a day. I try to squeeze in some squats and dumbbell lifting but I haven’t been very religious about it. So they don’t really count, I guess.

When it comes to staying fit, I’d have to say that it does take discipline and commitment. While I’m not really hopeless that I’d be able to muster enough of both, I might as well test the waters of non-invasive helps like Allura’s Vaser Shape Plus.

Ms. Mari of Allura

First off, a free body consult with Allura‘s pretty and charming manager, Ms. Mari. I’d have say that I gained quite a bit more understanding of the metabolic functions of the body, the significant difference of men’s collagen from women’s, which got me really wide-eyed that it’s basically my take away from the few minutes I sat in her office. Regardless of age, a man’s collagen is naturally more dense than that of a woman’s. “No fair!” Was my initial reaction. This explains why men’s skin are tighter, if they expand at all, they don’t look as flabby as women who add the same weight. But it does make sense, God has designed our bodies like such to accommodate the growth of the baby inside our bodies. It’s amazing, really!

collagen formation men vs women

This also explains why women age faster than women. Of course, that’s taking into account that men don’t usually use sunscreen as often as women. Which explains why the former statement sometimes go unnoticed. For one, men don’t use makeup and we do! Take off the makeup and the use of sunscreen, women will look more aged for sure and that’s because of the formation of the collagen inside our skin.

vaser shape plus

And this is what basically explains how Vaser Shape Plus gets those body fats moving and later expelled. It’s a 3rd generation ultrasound using the vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance technology that was developed by Dr. Cimino in 1998. An ultrasonic probe is massaged through the problem areas as it stimulates lipolysis of the fat cells.
vaser shape

Pre-treatment and Post-Treatment Vaser Shape Plus Images of the Skin


Vaser Shape Plus

Vaser Shape Plus System

How Vaser Shape Plus Works:

  1. The two handpieces of the Vaser Shape Plus System work in tandem to treat the target area and promote drainage through the lymphatic system.

Ultrasound Therapy

  • The device uses a dual transducer head that delivers a double beam of overlapping ultrasonic energy at  a grequence of 1MHz.
  • The ultrasound beams  overlap and treat fatty tissue between 1cm and 5cm. below the surface of the skin.

Zonal Massage

  • The vacuum handpiece  of Vaser Shape Plus System stimulates the lymphatic system to drain away toxins and excess lipids  from the body.
  • Increases local blood circulation.

vaser plus after 1 treatment

I am not surprised that Vaser Shape Plus System have a lot of following, one of which is the above pictured lady who after 1 treatment has lost considerable bulge around the tummy area.

Kikay Corner for Vaser Shape Plus

Am I ready for this? 🙂


Regular Height and Weight Scale and Allura’s Body Fat Measuring Scale


The figures can’t deny the facts. I’m at least 2.4 kilos overweight and I won’t even get you started with the other metrics (PBF and BMI). 



  • Required Weight Ideal: 47.1 Kg
  • Add 3.1 Kg Muscle
  • Lose 5.6Kg Body Fat

From the ideal Body Fat of 18.28, I am a staggering 33.2! While a lot of those who know me may miss it, believe me when I tell you, I so feel them all over. Talk about fats in all the wrong places! And this goes beyond vanity, believe me. If I’m not at my ideal, it means I’m not fit, which explains why I feel heavy as soon as tip a certain number on the scale. And I’m deciding to heed that advice for exercise that reads: Jogging 30 minutes a day; continuous exercise for 33 weeks needed!

Allura Slimming

That’s me, my Vaser Shape Plus System Therapist Jude, who’s also a Physical Therapist and my midsection fats (where I believe a bulk of that body fat figure result is mostly located) 🙂

I believe what gives Allura clients confidence in their contour and  slimming services is that aside from its non-invasive treatments, the therapists aren’t simply “trained” ones but who are actually medical practitioners themselves. Meaning, they took years upon years of education on the anatomy of the body and the basics.

Post-Treatment Report:

  • I noticed that after the treatment, I had to go to the toilet to pee more often that usual. This lasted for three days.
  • I woke up the following day 2 lbs. lighter.
  • The flab in my mid-section is noticeably tighter.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can check out for yourself and get a free consult at Allura Body Contour & Slimming Center and get your body fat measured. It’s one thing knowing that you know you got to slim down, it’s another to know exactly how far away you are to your ideal. It always helps to have a goal, it gives us something to shoot for as we work on the rather elusive commitment and discipline to fitness. When all else fails (exercise, that is), Allura can very well work with what you have or don’t (which most often is time) and still get the same body goals and assist you towards your utmost fit self. 🙂

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