i-Click, i-Send, iRegalo! The Sure Way to Get Your Gift Across

The digital age only gets better even as startups come up with solutions that address issues in our daily living that might as well count as trivial back when the internet was yet unheard of.

iRegalo flowers

Take iRegalo, for instance. This brand new eCommerce platform targets the overseas Filipino workers who are looking into giving unique gift packages to their loved ones. I’m sure, like I have, you’ve heard many a nightmare of some of our unsung heroes who have faithfully sent remittances only to find out that the money was not used to pay for what it was intended for. iRegalo addresses this spot on.

healthcare iregalo

One of the packages that iRegalo offers is a comprehensive health care lineup that assures our kababayans their earnings are really spent on their family’s specific medical needs. It is a leap forward in providing choice and convenience, compared to what is currently available in the market. It is the new way of ensuring your family’s well being despite being far from them.

iRegalo checkup

A variety of medical care packages are available that will perfectly suit your loved ones needs. There are also dental and eye care packages to choose from.

Health as a gift

iRegalo’s health care line up covers the most important bases. For example, one package helps keep their teeth and gums healthy for a whole year. Another provides a consultation with a licensed optometrist plus a new pair of glasses perfectly fitting the requirements of the patient.

Has Lola not been going to the doctor? With iRegalo General Medical Exam (GME) packages, she could have her regular check-up done at any of the 350+ iRegalo partner clinics nationwide.

iRegalo will continue to add services, ensuring that their families in the Philippines get the healthcare coverage they need.

iRegalo grocery

“We are excited to introduce this new way of sending gifts, something that was not easy to do, nor even available online before,” said Martin Nery, iRegalo President. “This is the first time that a gift service offers terrific healthcare choices for the overseas Filipino,” he added.

In these days of identity theft and related cybercrimes, iRegalo has taken the necessary steps to secure the entire process, using encryption that has been rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs, an independent testing service.

“We made sure that not only are our packages compelling, but that the entire process is worry-free,” said Gilbert Paras, iRegalo CFO. iRegalo also accepts the following secure payment options namely: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, UnionPay, and Discover Network.

iregalo launch

With over 10 million Overseas Filipinos workers abroad who send 2 billion dollars every month, iRegalo is a great option for those who would want to be sure the money they send goes directly to specific goods and services that their loved ones need. 

iRegalo laptop

iRegalo  offers control and convenience to the online Filipino remittance market. while it gives our unsung heroes, our OFW,  a worry-free means of providing for their families’ needs. With just a few clicks, Filipinos can send healthcare packages to family and friends anywhere in the Philippines. These packages are honored at hundreds of medical, dental and optical clinics nationwide. With iRegalo, you can also send flowers and the latest smartphones and laptops, too.

iRegalo shoots to expand its category line up while they add additional health packages. On top of that,  users will be able to send gifts from participating supermarkets and other merchant types all over the country. Check out www.iregalo.ph and browse their wide list of packages that they’re able to send loves ones here in the Philippines even if you’re miles away across the globe.

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