Halfway There! Au Revoir, Razor! No More Waxing too! #AlluraBody

Halfway through my 10 sessions of Diode Laser Undeararm Hair Removal by Allura.

Truth be told, I haven’t shaved my underarm hair since my second diode laser hair removal session. There’s no need to. I just got done with my 6th session and if there is any stray hair at all in my pits, they are barely noticeable and all are now like what we call in our vernacular, “balahibong pusa” – soft as a fur.

If, by any chance, you’re considering to undergo Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal, I’m jotting down the things that will be done during the procedure. It’s done 10 minutes, tops – that already includes the preparation time.

Treatment Procedure

Step 1: Stray hairs are shaven off. 

I don’t mean to gross you out, but here’s documenting my most recent Diode Laser Hair Removal sesh through pictures – to give you guys an idea what it’s like, if ever you’ll consider going through the procedure. Excuse my rather chubby pits but that’s just the way I was built. Haha! The line on the lower portion of my right underarm is a scar mark from a swollen lymph node surgery I had from 7 years ago (I think). Despite the line mark, I’m grateful enough that the scar isn’t the keloidal kind.


Step 2:  Water-soluble ultrasonic gel is applied on the pits and underarm hairs are lasered away.


Step 3: A soothing cream is applied throughout the armpits.

Aside from the surgery scar on the bottom side of my right underarm, my pits have considerably lightened. I am really impressed with Allura’s Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal treatment. If you were able to grab their Summer Discount which ended last April, you sure have gotten real value for your buck! They threw a promo from P1,500 per session to P800 only! That’s a steal. My sister actually availed of the promo and she’s almost halfway through her treatment. 🙂

Why Diode Laser Underarm Hair Removal?

After at least two consults over underarm folliculitis in the past, wherein I was advised to refrain from waxing, plucking nor shaving my undearm hair (yikes!), I was downright frustrated over this ever recurring armpit issue I’ve been having. Aside from it being unsightly, I tend to develop not just folliculitis but swollen lymph as well because of the inflammation.

I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with my pits being free of folliculitis. I super love the fact that I’m never going to have to deal with that ever again. This has gone beyond aesthetics for me. Moreso, the significantly lightening of my underarms is a welcomed bonus. In fact, I never had my pits this clear nary of what used to be chicken texture


Allura Underarm Cream

To further hasten the lightening of my armpits, I was advised by Allura’s manager, the lovely Ms. Mari, to apply this Underarm Cream. I believe this have been instrumental to the significant lightening of my underarms. I’m hoping that this will eventually take care of my surgery scar since it’s the only mark that remains conspicuous (refer to first photo on this post).


Allura’s Underarm Cream is quite thick in consistency.

As with any cream that comes in a jar, I always suggest to only dip with a thoroughly cleansed finger (better yet a spoon) and never double dip. This is important to make sure the jar is free of any bacteria that might otherwise be introduced to the product. With this particular thick cream texture, a pea-size goes a long way. I was told to apply this at night time only. So far, so good.  🙂

From the treatment procedures to the product, I have gone from a cynic (because of my previous laser underarm trauma from another skin care clinic) to a believer of Allura. I have come to conclude that it is valuable to choose the place you’re getting any treatment from. I wouldn’t have thought any other laser underarm hair removal can still work for me. I’m beyond thankful that Allura’s exceptional services and treatment has worked wonders. I’m totally highly recommending you, my dear readers, try Allura yourself. You can thank me later. 🙂

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