Maxi-Peel Gandang Career Launch: Discover The Beauty of Success

Maxi-Peel Gandang Career champions working women to gain fresh confidence and have renewed drive as their concerns are addressed in the workplace.

I love how the inspiring talks went about. As a freelancing woman since I dropped my job in the bank so many years back, this as well may very well apply to me as I juggle so many tasks. No place for mediocrity, I should say, for us women who want our lives to count. And I believe that no feminine being desires less. Some may need a boost here or there but the innate need for us, in our very design to have the ability to nurture life in our very beings tells a lot about our deep desire to matter to the people around our circle of influence.

Lexi Shulze hosts maxi-peel gandang career event

Television actress, model, and DJ Lexi Shulze aptly hosted the day’s event.

Dra. Ada Almora

Consult with Dra. Ada Almora

While guests waited for the event to start, we were able to avail of a free consult with Maxi-Peel partner dermatologist, Dra. Ada Almora of Expert Skin Care Clinic. Dra. Almora was so patient with all my questions. I love it that she asked what my skin concerns are. While I believe it’s rather easy for doctors to diagnose straight away, it makes perfect sense for patients to tell them what bothers them. If that issue is addressed, then patients will start to feel good about the problem’s resolution.

Derma perscription for sun spots

A persistent skin issue I have is the sun spots on my left cheek. The cause of which are: driving (explains why its on my left cheek and not on the right) and sun exposure damage that took its toll on my skin over time.

I also asked Dra. Almora about the controversies surrounding the use of “hydroquinone.” She clearly explained that the ingredient has been proven to effectively address hyperpigmentation and should be used as designed, which is no longer than 2 months. Take note of this, dear readers. Never use a product with hydroquinone ingredient longer than 2 months.

Gandang Career’s 3 key elements in the Filipina’s road to success

  • the beauty of vision where setting goals and harnessing one’s capabilities to have a rewarding career are made,
  • the beauty of passion where dedication and commitment to keep going are underscored,
  • the beauty of you, where one’s winning beauty and personality are enhanced so you can shine.

Dale Carnegie

Gandang Career is a movement that aims to empower working women. It’s an advocacy that seeks to motivate them so they can achieve new accomplishments and move up in their chosen professions. Gandang Career is anchored on promoting self-improvement and career advancement among female professionals. The objective is to tap one’s inner potential and go beyond what is on the surface. It will also inspire the working Filipina to set new goals—that she can do much more—for herself and for her future.

Dale Carnegie audiobook

I was in agreement as the speaker shared valuable insights from Dale Carnegie. My son and I listen to this on speaker at random times during the day and discuss the values that Mr. Carnegie speaks of. Life skills, I’m resolved to impart my son life skills like this to equip him way after I’m gone.

Splash Corporation, makers of Maxi-Peel, partnered with various entities for Gandang Career’s events and activities—Dale Carnegie Training, a global training and consulting company, People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), an organization of human resource and management experts that also hone would-be executives through career development programs, and a dermatologist.

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

The speaker enumerated several successful individuals like Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

 The on-ground talks for the Gandang Career caravan will focus on personality development, success-driven performance, skills enhancement, and leadership training. Free consultations with a dermatologist on skin care will also be held.

Mariano Que of Mercury DrugMariano Que of Mercury Drug

Maria Socorro Cancio of National Bookstore

Maria Socorro Cancio of National Bookstore

These talks and consultations will give you a new and fresh perspective in your work life. Gandang Career will also make you appreciate your career—no matter how difficult or challenging it might be at times.

Make sure you don’t miss the chance to explore new opportunities and possibilities. Watch out for the Gandang Career caravan in participating corporate offices nationwide. Follow and Like Maxi-Peel on Facebook.


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