My Favorite Daiso Japan Essentials that Keep Me Safe and Dry During the Rainy Days

Rainy Days are here again! Here are some of my Daiso Japan Essentials that I make sure I armor myself with before I head out the door to face heavy downpour.

Daiso Japan, the only authorized and exclusive retailer of Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan that sells useful and cute items priced from P88, is all geared up for the rainy season with a wide selection of products that will help you stay dry, warm and prepared for the unexpected.


Daiso Umbrellas

Those who commute to work or school would be wise to bring an umbrella every day even when it’s not pouring outside. The unpredictable weather comes with sudden drizzles and rain showers so better be safe and dry than go home soaking wet. Add a bright streak to the gloomy skies with clear umbrellas with colourful designs available at Daiso Japan


For heavier downpour, Daiso carries raincoats (for both adults and children) as well as rain pants.


Arm covers keep me from getting drenched.

Daiso shoes cover

There are also shoe covers to protect your footwear

Daiso Waterproof Bag

Daiso Waterproof Eco Bags

Keep your stuff dry especially things that easily absorb water such as books and documents by placing them in waterproof eco bags from Daiso Japan. Made of lightweight material, you can bring as many of these reusable totes as you need because they can be folded and don’t take up a lot of space. Just take out one when the need arises.


Shoe Dehumidifying Sheets

Damp or wet shoes are inevitable after walking a long stretch of wet, muddy streets. Be sure to dry off your footwear as soon as you get home to prevent molds from forming. Buy a pack of dehumidifying sheets which you can put inside your favorite pair and place them in a shoe rack stand overnight. Daiso Japan also sells dehumidifying mats to eliminate the musty smell of damp air.


Daiso Leather Wax

Leather wax, meanwhile, can provide a good level of water-resistance and keep your leather shoes and bags from drying out or cracking.


LED Handy Flashlight

Brownouts and sudden power outages are to be expected during a typhoon. For emergencies, keep an LED flashlight handy. For good measure keep extra batteries which can be bought at Daiso Japan in a pack of 20 for only P88.


Daiso Face Mask

Sniffles aren’t the only thing you can catch in this weather if you aren’t extra careful. Protect yourself from viruses that may lead to flu and colds by wearing a face mask. The ones available at Daiso Japan are made from non-woven fabric with nose wire and come with a 3-layered filter to keep out dust and pollen.

For more useful items you can bring during the rainy days, visit Daiso Japan. They are 53 stores nationwide through Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. which holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

Follow Daiso on Facebook at @DaisoJapanPH on Twitter and @daisophilippines on Instagram.


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