Diana Stalder Laser Treatment for Sunspots and Spider Veins Review

Beauty Treatment Review: Diana Stalder Laser Treatment for sun spots and spider veins.

Sun spot, age spot, melasma, however it gets called, it has the makings of us being self-conscious or just plain annoyed. I honestly switch from former to the latter. Who wants a blotchy skin anyway?!

Diana Stalder Megamall

Diana Stalder, 5/F Megamall Building A

Finally took that step to get my sunspots taken cared of at Diana Stalder in Megamall towards the end of June.

Diana Stalder in house dermatologist consult Dr. Anne Capistrano

Consult with Diana Stalder in-house Dermatologist, Dra. Anne Capistrano

Skin Consultation

As soon as Dra. Anne took note of my sun spot skin concern, she headed on towards a series of questions on my lifestyle. Mainly pertaining to the frequency of sun exposure in my daily grind. I later appreciated how thorough she was before she jumped right on to a solution. I had a few options, one of which is chemical peeling, which provides the fastest result. But because I had a client call happening the next couple of days, there was no way it was feasible, since chemical peel will mean that I’m to visibly peel and I have to practically stay indoors and stay out of the sun. I’ve done this years ago and I know what it’s like. That takes it out of the question. After some deliberations, we agreed on laser treatment for my sun spots with TyRo White line to support the treatment.

Diana Stalder Treatment Room

Inside the Diana Stalder Treatment room. Dimmed lights, soft pipe-in music, royal, ultra relaxing ambiance. Might as well doze off to dreamland.

Laser Treatment Ready Session 1

Ready for the first laser zapping procedure of my sunspots and spider veins

With the help of my trusty and favorite cushion (that I have yet to blog about), sun spots, blemishes and problem skin get filtered off. I love it! But a clear and zero blotch canvas, that would be the bomb!

Laser Treatment for sunspots and spider veins procedure

The first thing that was done on me as soon as I was on my back in the treatment room was facial cleansing. In all  the laser treatment sessions I’ve had, an aesthetician cleansed my face with vanishing cream.

Every single time, I make sure to request to do away from erasing my brows. It’s hard enough to get those drawn. Besides, I’ll sure refuse to step out of the beauty clinic with blank brows. Haha!

Multi Derma Scope test

As soon as my face is thoroughly cleansed, Dra. Anne would come in to probe on different parts of my face with this Multi Dermascope contraption. The Multi Dermascope measures hydration, sebum, elasticity, pigmentation and comes with a camera for skin imaging.

MDS Skin Analyzer Pigmentation Measure Sun Protector Factor Session 1

MDS Skin Analyzer Pigmentation Measure Sun Protector Factor Session 1: SPF50 

I measured quite high on the Sun Protector Factor as Dra. Anne took my skin’s pigmentation measurement. The highest I got was a 50! Yikes! This means I should use a minimum of SPF50 on my sunscreen. My pigmentation measurement was pretty bad. Dra. Anne made sure she reiterated to me the value of sun protection. It stuck to me so well that from then until now, I’ve been in the habit of reapplying my cushion (with SPF50) every four hours.

MDS Skin Analyzer Hydration Measure Session 1

MDS Skin Analyzer Hydration Measure Session 1: Sufficient Hydration

My hydration measurement was close to perfect! For someone who’s turning 40 in a few months, I was given a vote of approval from my pretty doctor, that I’m doing a great job in the hydration department.

Multi Dermascope 

This nifty contraption measures and interprets results of hydration, sebum and elasticity and can be used to aid identification of the correct products and treatments.

In all my years of doing skin reviews, this is the first time that I’ve encountered such a device. This makes a lot of sense to me such that the analysis won’t have to be subjective alone, an objective analysis will make it all the more reliable.

MDS Skin Analyzer Sun Protector Factor and Hydration Measure Session 2

MDS Skin Analyzer Sun Protector Factor and Hydration Measure – Laser Treatment Session 2

From Sun Protector Factor SPF50, my skin was down to having a need of SPF43 on my second session. Although my hydration went down to 85 from its 94, it was still sufficient. It may have to do with the soap that I switched to. That said, it’s always good to have excellent moisture for procedures like this. Making my buffer more than enough to accommodate change of products that will help reinforce the treatment.

MDS Skin Analyzer Sun Protector Factor and Hydration Measure Session 3

MDS Skin Analyzer Sun Protector Factor and Hydration Measure – Laser Treatment Session 3

Better by the session. From my previous SPF43, my need for sun protection is down a couple of notch more, at SPF41. Although hydration is two notches down as well, you’ll see from the dial that it still reads, “sufficient.” Again, taking good care of our skin pays. That wide buffer, keeps my skin well moisturized.

ultrasonic gel application before laser

Ultrasonic Gel Application before laser. I was also made to wear an eye protector against the laser beams.

diana stalder laser treatment for sun spots

Laser zapping on those nasty sun spots and spider veins begins!

laser treatment for sun spots

It’s easy to see that the sun spots around the area of my cheekbone has considerably lightened each session. Kindly gnore the difference of the lighting of each photo. It’s always a challenge to keep the same distance of the light to the face every session.

laser treatment for spider veins

My spider veins seem to be a bit more stubborn than my sun spots, but they are nevertheless less pronounced after each laser session. My third laser session was around the time that I had my period, explaining the random breakouts around the face and even some sebum deposits. They easily eased up as soon as Aunt Flo was out. 🙂

laser treatment post care

Post-laser Treament: TyRo White

Diana Stalder’s Laser Treatment addresses a host of skin issues and are proven to offer key advantages for both doctors and patients.

Key advantages for physicians

• Non-surgical option for pigmented lesions
• No need for topical or numbing agents
• Quick, effective treatment provides tremendous customer satisfaction

Key advantages for patients

• Effective non-surgical treatment for a common cosmetic concern
• Quick 20-minute treatment time makes it easy to fit into a busy day
• Safe, effective and no downtime.

diana stalder dermatologist dr. anne capistrano             I won’t pass up a chance for a photo op with one of the pretty in-house dermas of Diana Stalder, Dra. Anne Capistrano. 🙂

While my sun spots haven’t completely vanished just yet, I am thrilled enough to see them fade away by each laser session. I’m looking forward to getting rid of them altogether. Thanks to the trustworthy hands of Dra. Anne and the expertise of Diana Stalder to make sure skin care issues are dealt with effectively.

Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter by Dermaline, Inc. is the nation’s pioneer in Facial and Skin Care Centers. Started in 1996, Diana Stalder currently has 25 branches and counting, all strategically located nationwide: seven corporate and 18 franchise branches. Metro Manila branches are located in SM Megamall, Quezon City, Gateway Mall and  Makati City. 


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