#KissAgingGoodbye with Watsons

Watsons summons all to Kiss Aging Goodbye through their latest anti-aging campaign.


Aging is inevitable, true. But with all the latest in product innovations, I’m all for delaying it for as long as possible. Because of free radicals that come with today’s lifestyle, the signs of aging are more pronounced than they were decades ago. Truth be told, fine lines come as early as 20s.


Kiss Aging Goodbye Campaign

Watsons Marketing Director, Ms. Viki Encarnacion, explains, “The Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign is what Watsons is all about. It’s an educational effort with a two-pronged approach, teaching our customers how to prevent the negative effects of aging by taking care of themselves inside and out. We are literally helping people ‘Look good. Feel great.’ And it’s a wonderful thing.” 


Because in our workaholic generation, we leaned towards abusing our bodies when we were younger, wrinkles, circles, dark spots surface way before we are ready for them. The ideal is to make it a habit to be stress-free, apply sunscreen, get enough sleep, moisturize, et.al.

Kikay Corner and My Lucid Intervals

A photo with Donna of My Lucid Intervals as we didour Kiss Aging Goodbye shopping rounds and got our eyes on one of the brands Watsons carry, Collagen.

I have my own share of regrets on not being prudent on applying sunscreen when I was younger, making me hustle with my stubborn sun spots. I’m documenting my journey on getting that dealt with. My second post on that is one of the recently published one on this page. 🙂

KIss Aging Goodbye Participating Products

kiss aging goodbye watsons products

There are a whole range of products in Watsons under the Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign

Collagen by Watsons Moisturizing Lip Care Pack

Collagen by Watsons Moisturizing Lip Care Pack, P130

One of the anti-aging products I got hold of is this Collagen by Watsons brand. I’ve been using it for over a week now and I’m loving how it has addressed my cracked lips. I love how my lipstick glides these days without bumps! It might as well compare to Mary Kay I’ve been forever loyal to that costs almost P700! That’s a real steal and I have 2 lip products in one pack. I have only used the stick type and I’m happy. Will see how the one on the tube fares. 🙂

Naturals by Watsons Marula Oil Shampoo

Naturals by Watsons Marula Oil Shampoo

Another anti-aging product that caught my attention was this Marula Oil hair product. I’ve used the hand lotion of the same brand and I’m happy with it. I hope this one addresses my dry and damaged hair as it claims to.

Now Super Antioxidant Supplements

Now Super Antioxidant Supplements

Now C-500 Vitamin C with Rose Hips

Now C-500 Vitamin C with Rose Hips
Bewell-C Plus Calcium

Bewell-C Plus Calcium is one of our supplement staples.

Aside from these supplements catching my attention, I also cannot help but be curious about innovative products on anti-aging like the L’Oreal Dermo Expertise Revitalift Range – a skin care solution inspired by laser, that promises younger looking skin in 4 weeks! Or try to bring back my baby skin with Collagen by Watsons Intensive Nourishing Facial Mask, enriched with Collagen and Vitamin E to repair dryness and enhance skin’s elasticity.

One of Watsons’ favorites is the iVi Collagen Ready-To-Drink, with 10,000 mg of Collagen that helps smoothen fine lines, and lighten dark spots for that forever-young glow. I’ve tried this for a week and has instantly addressed my dry eyes. I haven’t dealt with dry eyes since.

Kiss Aging Goodbye E-Raffle


Kiss Aging Goodbye and get a chance to win a total of P1,000,000 shopping points with your SM Advantage Card until September 21, 2016. So many great deals on your favorite anti-aging and skin care products only at Watsons.

I’m turning 40 next month. While I don’t judge ladies who refuse to tell their age, I’ve always had no qualms about revealing mine. For me, it’s always a testament of God’s faithfulness in my life. That said, I happen to believe that I don’t necessarily have to look my age. It’s part of being a good steward of my health and overall well-being.  So I’m with Watsons in this, to Kiss Aging Goodbye! Au Revoir! Baboosh! 🙂

Below is a video clip The Grasyas have come up with as we champion with Watsons on Kissing Aging Goodbye. <3


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