Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 Debuts Counter Climate Collection

The Fall/Holiday 2016 Collection officially introduced the Converse Counter Climate Shield Footwear and Apparel Collection.


This couldn’t have been more timely as we have been experiencing downpour upon downpour and the weather-beating benefits of this weatherproof sneaker can be more handy than we think.


The Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 Launch was held at the Sky High Bar, Ace Hotel & Suites

20160905_191750Spotted: Julie Ann San Jose and Benjamin Alves




Converse Essentials Apparel features quality and durable everyday basics for your active, on-the-go lifestyle. Constructed for comfort and fit, the Converse Essentials Collection will get softer in time. Each piece features a natural color fade of fabric with long-term wear, durable stitching and a managed shrinkage-fit that remains the same through the lifespan.

Converse Essentials

  • Converse Essential Tee
  • Converse Essential Pullover
  • Converse Essential Full-zip Hood
  • Converse Essential Jogger

Converse Jack Purcell

The Jack Purcell, features a water resistant matte rubber upper and thermo-regulating backer for warmth.



The Converse Counter Climate Shield Canvas Collection is said to have been given Durable Water Repellant (DWR) Treatment, making this sneaker line your bad-ass, weatherproof kind of kicks

Gotta love the innovative design and the mix of colors as water repellent materials and waterproof neoprene are incorporated in this newly launched collection. Talk about hustling through the storm while keeping in style.


With blogger buddies, Martin and Michelle. 🙂


I was beyond the moon when I learned that my favorite band of all time, The Dawn, was rocking the Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 launch! So apt, even as this band has stormed through generations of music genres. I don’t know if you noticed, but seems to me that Jett Pangan hasn’t aged a day!

Here’s giving you a glimpse of The Dawn at the Converse Fall/Holiday 2016 Press Launch


The Converse Counter Climate Collection is the perfect armor to combat climate shifts with its weatherproof feature.





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