Maine Mendoza for Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash

Maine Mendoza is Betadine Fresh Bliss’ brand new ambassador.

Maine Mendoza, being the phenomenal celebrity that she now is, has partnered with one of the most trusted brands in feminine hygiene, Betadine Feminine Wash.

Thank you, Betadine Philippines, for recently sending this over! First dibs on new products like Betadine Fresh Bliss, I can totally get used to.

Betadine Fresh Bliss claims to be the daily feminine wash made of natural ingredients Anti-itch Avena Oats and Gentle Defense Lactic Acid creating Advanced ProClean Science for mild cleansing and protection against discomforts. It is also clinically tested and naturally Paraben-Free to keep you free from irritations.

Personally, I’ve been warned by my GYNE to stay away from daily use of any feminine wash. Because often, feminine washes gets in the way of the pH of our intimate areas and may actually make us more prone to infections. But I do love products like Betadine Fresh Bliss, especially because it’s paraben-free. But for me, the every cycle use of feminine products works just fine. Otherwise, I find that I’m more prone to irritations. That’s just me. We be built differently, but it’s always wise to listen to our bodies, whether it’s the use of feminine wash, or any other products that we introduce to our bodies.

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