Noted Dresses In 2017 for the Prom

One of the special moments in a young girl’s life is attending the prom. She has one night to wear a beautiful dress, shoes and accessories that include a necklace, prom rings and a corsage. It seems like each year brings a new trend with prom dresses, and 2017 is no different. There are a few surprising features that you will likely notice with prom dresses, some that seem to transform the gowns into those that are for a gala event instead of a high school dance.


One of the things to look for in prom dresses is the crop top. This style will be blended with long skirts and even flowing pants. This design shows of the abs and is a little edgier than the traditional prom dress.

Lace will be everywhere during prom season. From sensual to sweet, you’ll see lace on the side of dresses, on the front and even along the bottom half of some styles. You’ll see colored lace as well as the beautiful white that gives an innocence to any outfit. Flowing dresses with lace will be something to look for, especially for those who have longer legs and are able to pull off the stunning look of a skirt underneath and a lace overlay.

A design that you might not think about is flowers. Petals in all colors will adorn prom dresses in 2017. An advantage is that many prom ring designs are a little easier to blend with a floral print. Petals will be seen on both long and short designs. A popular look will probably be a short skirt with a bit of a flare with large flowers against a black background. This would be matched with a crop top in a matching color.

Sheer mesh material will also be seen in prom dresses. This might be a little risque for some girls, but it’s a design that can be beautiful if the mesh design is on the side and doesn’t extend all the way down the legs. Lace will likely be blended with the mesh designs, giving a stunning look to the dress that also tends to cover up more of the body instead of simply having a mesh cutout.

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