Three Reasons Why Online Review Matters

For over a decade now, there was never a time that I failed to do my research on online products or services before purchase. This has become a non-negotiable for me, a default when I am looking into purchasing anything for the first time.

Here are top three reasons why online review matters:

  1. Well-informed purchase.

We all want our money’s worth, right? This is why it is always best to read through user feedback and online product reviews. Whether it’s a brand of lipstick your are going to purchase for the first time, a professional camera or a spelling software you are looking into purchasing to supplement your homeschooling curriculum. For whatever product or service, I find that I have better confidence in shelling out my hard earned moolah when I make well-informed purchase.

2. Reading online user reviews broadens your options.

When you read product/service feedback, chances are, you already are partial towards a brand. But reading through user  reviews will allow for you to welcome other options that might otherwise just be the better choice.

This has personally happened to me a handful of times and I couldn’t be more thankful for the many helpful reviews I’ve come across with.

3. Over 92% read online reviews before purchase.

Why the need to be part of the bandwagon, you ask? This simply means that as many as these consumers read online reviews, the probability of them leaving feedback themselves are high. For the very reason that they want to verify or negate the feedback that influenced their purchase. While we cannot assume that all consumers who read online reviews leave feedback themselves, it does make sense that considerable number of them does.


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