Three Laser Hair Removal Myths You Should Know About

In today’s world, many people are excited about using technologically advanced cosmetic strategies to optimize their appearance. In many cases, individuals who are interested in eliminating unwanted body hair turn to the realm of laser hair removal. If you’re thinking about investing in laser hair removal services, it’s important to know how the process works as well as the myths that still linger regarding the practice. Use the information found below to learn more about laser hair removal myths:

1. You Have To Be Close-Shaven Prior To Undergoing The Procedure.

As noted in The Huffington Post, many clients prefer to shave the regions of their body that will be subjected to the laser treatment. However, the aesthetician can also complete this practice by shaving regions like the bikini line. The only downside to this modality is that when you shave in the procedure room, it will be a dry shave.

2. One Laser Hair Removal Session Is Enough.

Don’t be taken in by this myth. While laser hair removal is highly effective, it will take more than one session to see substantive results. In fact, the procedure works as an ongoing process of removing the individual’s hair follicle over an extended period of time. More specifically, the laser works beneath the surface of the client’s skin to damage her or his hair follicles while also stunting their future growth.

Those who wonder how long it will be before they see results should know that it takes about two weeks. The hair will grow back less rapidly, and it will also be quite patchy. Industry experts typically encourage clients to attain a minimum of five treatments. The treatments should be spaced out anywhere from four to six weeks. With each treatment session, hair growth will decrease by about 10%-15%.

3. The Procedure Is Painless.

While the dimension of pain experienced through laser hair removal will vary from person to person, it’s important to know that physical discomfort is common. To help decrease the experience of pain, clients may find it helpful to take two Advils half an hour prior to their treatment sessions.

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A Quick Side Note

If you’re serious about enhancing your aesthetic appeal, keep in mind that laser hair removal isn’t the only course of action you can take to realize your objective. Another step you might want to take is the use of Hyaluronic acid cream. Companies like Dermesse offer this product for the purpose of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Don’t Delay: Start Optimizing Your Appearance Today!

If you’re thinking about investing in laser hair removal services, now is the time to learn as much about the procedure as possible. Use the information outlined in this quick reference guide to help you make an informed decision regarding whether laser hair removal is right for you!

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