Avon introduces the Newest Skin Breakthrough, Anew Ultimate in Celebration of the Women’s Month

In celebration of the Women’s Month, Avon introduces Anew Ultimate: the newest skin breakthrough to fight the 10 signs of aging.

Avon follows through its commitment to provide women with effective beauty products and champion causes that matter to them.

Avon joins women in commemorating International Women’s Month, as it introduced Anew Ultimate, its latest and revolutionary skincare product to battle against one of women’s dreaded foes: aging. Anew Ultimate is made potent with the exclusive Luxe Masterkey Complex, this new line promises to revitalize aging skin by targeting 10 signs of skin aging within 10 days of use.

Anew Ultimate

Skin Aging

Skin aging is one of the most nagging concerns that women everywhere have to live through. Several uncontrollable factors – from exposure to UV rays to diet choices – can take its toll on the skin, resulting to dryness, unwanted wrinkles, uneven tone, poor texture and color, and sagging. After stringent studies by the Avon Skin Care Institute, Anew Ultimate was created to help women combat these skin concerns.

Anew Ultimate works deep into cell level, boosting the purification process of cells and revive damaged ones. This process brings out young looking skin to make it visible to the naked eye in as fast as 10 straight days. The speed by which the effects become visible is backed by results coming from several clinical moisturization and user perception tests.

Avon Ultimate the ulitmate skincare for signs of aging

10 Anti-Aging Benefits of Anew Ultimate

  1. reduced wrinkles
  2. reduced fine lines
  3. even skin tone
  4. improved texture
  5. lifting
  6. firming
  7. improved clarity
  8. moisturization
  9. resilience
  10. reduced mottled pigmentation

The Anew skin care line has been discovering new ways to help women address the changing conditions of skin aging since the brand was launched in 1992. It first came out with the innovative alpha hydroxyl technology for the mass market. The line goes on to produce other groundbreaking skin care products like the 360 Fairness for whitening for all ages, Retroactive for pre-aging (age 25-35), Reversalist for early aging concerns (early 40’s), Clinical (for eye and lifting), and Essential (serum) to Anew Ultimate that targets multiple aging signs (for women age 45 and above).

Avon Ultimate improve the look of 10 visible signs of aging

For the entire month of March, every purchase of Anew Ultimate Day or Night Cream – which are regularly priced at P1,099 each, but for March is marked down to P899 – comes with a free exclusive gold strap watch. Anew also has cleansers and toners. These are available through Avon Representatives nationwide.

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