The Filipino Videoke Culture

Our love affair for Videoke or Karaoke goes back many generations. It’s a love/hate, really. There is almost not a day that a contact will not rant about a neighbor’s speaker blasting on their videoke session on Facebook. The love affair of Filipinos with music may have a lot to do with our being musically-inclined. It has become our way of life that whether or not we have trained voices, we feel that we have the liberty to just belt out as we wish. It’s a free country, really. But we also need to be considerate.

But if you happen to be in the music profession, like I know a handful of Filipinos are. I am connected with at least two great music companies, Manila String Machine and El Acustico, then investing in quality instruments like Neumann U87 Ai Shockmount Set Z Microphones, (these are great quality!) are good investment.

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