Wanna Earn Cashback for Online Shopping? Try ShopBack

Through ShopBack, we can earn cash incentives each time we shop.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot be more thrilled with the advent of online shopping. Come to think about it, I might have been shopping online for close to a decade now. For me, nothing beats the convenience of shopping online. Unlike shopping in actual stores, where I tend to impulse more, online shopping allows me to pause, open another tab, browse through actual product user reviews, before I jump right in and click that check-out tab.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is my reliable route to practical and mindful shopping. Getting cashback incentive for things we shop for online is totally icing on my cake! A sweet bonus for us online shoppers, methinks. This is why I’m loving that ShopBack has come to our local shores.

We don’t just save on gas, our precious time, discounts (most online shops sell items at lesser the amount than physical shops), if they don’t, I wait out until it get on sale, which most of them do.

Shopback Earn Cashback for Online Shopping

And that only addresses convenience for the online shopper, us. Consider it’s global effect, shall we?

Here’s what Per Square Mile has to say about the advantages of Online Shopping vs. Shopping the Old Fashioned Way.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, their results were unequivocal: Shop online. If you drove to the store, you’d have to buy 24 items to make the trip equal to the carbon footprint of just one item ordered online. If you took the bus, you’d have to buy eight.

Why are brick-and-mortar stores so inefficient? It turns out that transporting people to the store to select something and then getting them back home again requires a lot of energy. You also have to consider that items sold in stores were distributed from a central warehouse. When you place an order online, that trip transforms from one to the store to one directly to your home. Plus, delivery services optimize their routes to waste the least amount of fuel. Everyday shoppers don’t think in that level of detail. Even if you combine trips, which many of us are terrible at doing, you’d have to buy a lot of stuff per trip to equal the efficiency of a delivery.

Shall we chime in, “we totally agree?” Reading through that article actually made me wish I can shop online for just about everything we need.


I go back to my previous Sephora haul, and I can only wish I had known ShopBack back then. It could have earned me a considerable cashback incentive. I’m buying anyway, why not shop towards gaining from each purchase? It makes shopping for things more rewarding. I will totally use Sephora promo codes to enjoy better prices from here on out.

shopback with sephorashopback with altheashopback with asos

And if like me, you’re also into a lot Korean beauty products, you will be thrilled to know that we can score Althea coupons with cashback for bigger savings.For great fashion finds, check out ASOS on Shopback, this global online fashion and beauty retailer sells over 65,000 branded and own-label products. Here’s the list of heath and beauty stores you can check out.

Shopback cashback

Unlike other cashback incentive programs, I love that ShopBack actually pays your accumulated cash incentives through your assigned bank or PayPal. You actually get to feel your money’s working for you even as you shop.

ShopBack addresses everything we can ever wish for in online shopping: convenience, less carbon footprint, cashback, and payment via our nominated bank account or PayPal.

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