Avon Fashions Celebrates Body Positivity, Denounces Body Shaming

Avon Fashions Declares “Confidence is the New Sexy” as it champions body positivity and denounces body shaming.

Avon Fashions makes a strong point of celebrating women’s real beauty and sexiness with its new campaign, “Confidence is the New Sexy”. The country’s no. 1 intimate apparel brand upholds women’s right to feel confident regardless of body type by wearing perfectly fitting and comfortable intimate wear. Avon Fashions presented its latest line of Intimate Apparel, highlighted by the new Jamila Bra & Panty Set, which gives the right fit for curvy, plus size, petite, or athletically built women.

During the event, four women took turns delivering monologues to share how they feel about body stereotypes, and how they have come to discover that confidence is what “sexiness” is all about.

avon fashions
Avon Influencers for Confidence Is The New Sexy. Starting with Cristina Decena for Plus Size, Cha Ocampo for Curvaceous, Janina Manipol for Petite and Cha Cruz for Athletic

“A woman may be strong, curvy, petite, and fuller, but these are only shapes and sizes,” the four women proclaimed in unison. “Our skin is a record of our milestones, our bones are barks that withstood storms, our muscles are symbols of our endurance, and our shape is our fingerprint. The true measure of our beauty is in how much we embrace who we truly are. That’s real confidence and that’s what makes us truly sexy.”

The no. 1 Intimate Apparel brand in the Philippines, Avon Fashions offers intimates designed specifically for Filipina women’s comfort and fit. This design is combined with fashion and function by no less than the beauty company’s own Design and Product Engineering team. To assure comfort for all size ranges, the team put each piece of apparel through several fitting processes. The finished products are all made with high quality fabrics and materials.

“Adhering to the advocacy of women empowerment, we at Avon Fashions realize the need to encourage body positivity among Filipinas. We believe that every woman is worthy of self-love, acceptance, and confidence, regardless of her size or how others see her physically,” said Jean Reyes, Avon Philippines’ Marketing Director. “That is why we created intimates that combine fit, fashion, and function for a comfortable wear that makes every woman feel confident. With Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel, confidence is the new sexy.”

Aside from the Jamila Bra & Panty Set, other options are available from the Classic, Missy, Shapemakers, and Everyday Comfort selection.

daniel matsunaaga for avon fashions

Daniel Matsunaga for Avon Fashions

In recognition of men’s own need for fit and comfortable underwear, Avon Fashions also launched its first male celebrity endorser, Daniel Matsunaga, for Men’s Club. Daniel, acknowledged as “the modern gentleman”, is the ultimate representation of the brand’s trendy, comfortable, high quality, and affordability.

avon fashions daniel matsunaga
Daniel Matusunaga is the first brand ambassador of Men’s Club by Avon

Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel is now available through any Avon Representative, or via online at www.avon.ph. 

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