Converge ICT Solutions Offers Fast, Affordable, Reliable and Pure Fiber-Optic Connectivity

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. recently held Converge Reloaded where the brand launched their products: FiberX, iBiz, Converge Enterprise, and FiberXtreme.

These days, one does not need to be a blogger, an online influencer, or belong to any other niche that’s related to being connected to the internet. Everyone is online!

Dial up speed no more with Converge ICT

My nightmare experiences with ISPs

The incessant issue has always been our country’s key internet providers’ inability to deliver, as they continue to shortchange their subscribers with speed that belongs to the dogs. I can be very patient but because of all the nightmares I’ve experienced, I have personally have had it with each of them. And this being a nationwide problem is something that resonates with me.

To give a brief backgrounder, we have shifted to 5 different ISPs since 2009! As fed up as we are, we are left but to put up with the lesser evil. And please don’t get me started with each company’s two year lock-in period, which feels a lot like being imprisoned by coldblooded capitalists, to be honest. I really don’t know what else to call them after being ever consistent with their bad service. I have in fact, blogged about some of our very unfortunate experiences.

I have been a freelancer since 2009, and rely a great deal on the dependability of my internet connection. I cannot anymore count the number of times I failed to submit a task because of this ever perennial problem our country has when it comes to the internet connection.  Our most recent subscription change was October 2016. I had to shift yet again, as soon as the previous lock-in period was over. They tried to sweet talk me into sticking. But no one in their right mind would. As if their dial-up speed was not enough, they had to put a cap on our subscription, which for the life of me, I will never understand, especially when I was asked to top-up, because apparently, after 3 weeks of zero connection, we have reached our cap. Crazy! We were even out of town twice during that cycle. And when I say out of town, that means nobody is home! What gives!?

After experiencing this over and over since 2009, one might say that I should’ve gotten used to it. Never. It is NOT right to continue paying for a subscription that doesn’t deliver. And I hope that NTC or whatever department is responsible for regulating these companies, would nullify the need to have a lock-in period. It is not fair to put up with a dial-up speed, as we continue to pay for an expensive broadband subscription month in and out. 

Converge Experience Better

Converge ICT Solutions

This is where Converge ICT comes in. Finally, a new player in the industry (or so I thought). Apprently, the company has been around for over 20 years.  Their service initially started in Pampanga, and is recently getting the word out as it launched its service within NCR and Calabarzon.

Converge ICT announced taking a gander at further expansion plans and to continue strengthening its fiber optic network. To date, Converge has laid out more than 6,000 kilometers of its fiber optic reach and is still growing. It is already servicing clients from as far north as Baguio and further down south to Batangas.

While I have not yet subscribed with Converge, I am now with hope. This is what our country needs. A new player that will finally deliver. It’s understandable that am not going to take their word for it straight away because of all my ISP trauma of days past. But so far, with the number of friends that I have who are subscribed with Converge ICT, they are indeed off their longstanding ISP nightmare! Good for them. I am still contemplating on subscribing. You see, I am still imprisoned to this lock-in period for at a year and 5 months.

In Metro Manila, Converge’s pure fiber optic offering has already covered cities such as Valenzuela and Las Piñas and Muntinlupa cities down south of the metropolis. It plans to further expand its reach by putting up networks in Nasugbu, Batangas and even far north such as San Fernando in La Union.

Eventually, fiber broadband offerings will soon be enjoyed nationwide, according to Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Anthony Uy.

The perennial problem of Filipinos in dealing with slow Internet connection will now be a thing of the past, thanks to Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.’s offerings that bring fast, affordable, reliable, and “best-of-breed” pure fiber-optic connectivity to power the Internet usage of home, micro, small-, medium- and large-scale enterprise users.

“With Converge fiber broadband products, whether you are at home or at the office or your place of business, your Internet experience will surely be made better. And the best part of it is that it costs the same as your DSL connection, but made faster,” Uy explains further.

Converge ICT Packages

Converge ICT packages

Initially, FiberX is offered in three different plan types for a variety of home users depending on their Internet usage. FiberX 1500 comes with a burstable speed of up to 25Mbps, FiberX2500 at up to 50Mbps while FiberX 3500 offers connectivity of up to 100Mbps. With pure end-to-end fiber technology that’s light years better than traditional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), FiberX will surely enhance everyone’s online experience with better speed, larger bandwidth and consistent performance for either work or play. But for those who want even faster connectivity, there’s FiberXtreme that comes in burstable speeds of 300Mbps and 500Mbps and priced competitively at P4,500 and P7,000, respectively.

For SMEs, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. offers its iBIZ pure Fiber plan that allows businesses to operate faster and more efficient, with an Internet connection that has less interruptions and totally reliable. Each iBIZ plan comes with free Webmail, free Web hosting and free Public IP.

And for larger enterprises, Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. offers “Converge Enterprise” that comes with scalable Internet connection of up to 1Gbps, an IP MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), Disaster Recovery, Managed Data Center Services, and other benefits for more efficient business operations.


Converge’s “NO DATA CAP” on internet access is a winner in itself. For some reason the “DATA CAP” has been a sorry excuse for subscribers to continue being milking cows of other ISPs. An opinion I’ve come up on my own after experiencing all these bad internet service over the years.

Janeena Chan for Converge ICT

Lifestyle blogger, Janeena Chan, is Converge ICT’s newest brand ambassador

For more information about Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. and its pure fiber Internet offerings, call (02) 667-0888 or visit

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