Proactiv, Your Favorite Acne-Zapper – Available at Watsons and SM Department Stores

Our favorite world-renowned acne-zapper, Proactiv, is within reach along the counters of Watsons and  SM Department store branch nationwide.

Since Proactiv was introduced to our local shores, it has since been the go-to product of Filipinos struggling with acne and blemishes. Each item in the Proactiv kit is developed to treat the whole face, clearing problematic spots and preventing acne before it starts.  Proactiv also comes in a 30-Day and 60-Day Kit system to make it easier for users who find it challenging to create their own skin care routine.

proactiv for acne

This acne-hack that Filipinos has since had access to has proven it worth. Here’s spreading the good news that we have easier access to our favorite  favorite skin care systemProactiv is still offering money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with its results. This is something I’ve always loved about Proactiv. It doesn’t just assure us that the brand is confident that it will deliver, but also gives you the freedom to try it out for yourselves without commitment. If it doesn’t work, claim your money back.

The Proactiv system comes in a 30-day kit (P2,495) and a 60-day kit (P3,995). Visit any Watsons and SM department store branch to get your golden ticket to clear, beautiful skin.

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