Beauty Place Review: Kutis Filipina and Its Membership Card Launch

Over the weekend, I was delighted to find myself in a skin care clinic, after a while of being in hiatus.  I knew I was in dire need of pampering but I also felt bogged down by the crazy metro traffic. What finally got me to give pampering a go again was the proximity of my new found beauty place – Kutis Filipina.

Kutis Filipina clinic

Kutis Filipina Wellness and Skin Care Clinic’s receiving area ushered me back to a familiar place of “me time,” I never thought I missed until I got there. I know, I’ve been awfully busy these days.

Kutis Filipina skin clinic

Kutis Filipina treatment room

Treatment Room

Kutis Filipina kikaycorner
Oh was I so ready for my me time!

Fresh out of my work week, what’s a girl to do? A good ol’ facial! To be honest, because of the seemingly everyday carmageddon phenomenon, I was willing to totally embrace an hermit’s life. A lot of fella work-from-home moms would understand. I love that there’s actually a skin care clinic so near my place that will cater to my needs.

Kutis Filipina facial cleaning

 Kutis Express Face Care  includes cleaning and clearing the pores through mechanical extraction that could last for around 30-40

Kutis Filipina vitamin c infusion machine  Kutis Filipina vitamin c infusion

included in the facial is the micro-exfoliation of the upper chest, neck and face. Above is the Silk Peel, the contraption responsible for the process. I had the Vitamin C serum on my first Kutis Express Face Care.

Kutis Filipina facial

It’s like Diamond Peel with infusion for that added facial treat.

Kutis Filipina mask eye protector

My eyes were thoroughly covered before the Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) mask was placed on my face. It was a first for me to encounter this kind of treatment included in a facial.

Kutis Filipina PDI mask

It’s a low level laser photo therapy mask (red, blue, pink light). The red light would be anti-aging variant. Interesting Jabbawockeez look on me. Haha! Didn’t get to see this until I saw this photo. Would love to see how it would deliver in the coming months. Will surely keep this post updated. 🙂

Kutis Filipina Loyalty Club Membership Card

Kutis Filipino Loyalty Club Membership Card

Kutis Filipina recently launched their Kutis Membership card. The membership is good for one full year, where members can avail of a weekly Kutis Express Face care. For only P9,800, you get a premium face care treatment, which includes:

  • Cleaning and clearing of the pores through mechanical extraction and micro-exfoliation of the upper chest, neck and face
  • Once a month “KutisKlassic Face Care, which includes:  cleansing, exfoliation,extraction, and diamond peel.
  • Once a month use of SilkPeel machine.
  • 30 minutes use of PDT (red, blue, pink light).
  • Members can also get 20% discount on regular services and products on their birthday.
  • 5% discount on regular services and products all year round.

Now that I think about it, this is indeed bang for your buck. Imagine having a regular premium facial for a little over P200 per week.

Thank you, Kutis Filipina, for giving me no more excuse to get the pampering my skin needs. The skin care’s clinic location being close to home, is hard to resist. Here’s looking forward to my next skin care sesh this coming weekend! Please stay tuned to my Kutis Filipina post updates via my social media accounts. Follow me on IG and Twitter @jenaspacio.  🙂

Kutis Filipina Dr. Laurence Tan

With Dr. Laurence Tan of Kutis Filipina. Doc Laurence is a pioneer in Lipoinject (No Surgery Lipo) and Expert on Stemcell Anti-Aging and Natural Skin Care. He is possibly one in only two medical practitioners of Intralipotherapy in the Philippines. Intralipotherapy is an alternative to Lipo but hands down more effective, safer, less invasive, and more affordable. But that’s another blog post altogether, that I hope I get the word out on soon.

Kutis Filipina skin clinic location

For more information on the Kutis Filipina Membership Card, you can contact them via 0917.5038784 or 646.0807. Kutis Filipina is located at along the Mayor Gil Fernando, San Roque Marikina City.

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