Are You Ready for 11.11 Singles Day + Black Friday Shopping Spree?

The question is out, are you 11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday Sale ready?

Everyone I know is getting set for the 11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday Sale –  two of the most sought after dates of the year that are dedicated to scoring bangs upon bangs for our buck, when brands go as low as 90% off! Yes, we have waited practically the whole year, putting off on purchasing that dream item. Because really, why would I buy it at the regular price, when I can practice good ol’ delayed gratification, and get a higher E.Q. score as a result! Haha!

It has a lot do with wise retail shopping, and when you come to think of it, and ounce or two (or more) of prudence. Whether you are a budget-conscious mom like me or not, it is always a treat to be able to buy items at the fraction of its actual cost, right?

Get Set

Whether you are a traditional shopper who would love to physically scrutinize the item first before paying for it or if you are like me who have long embraced the wonders of online shopping, it is wise to list down/bookmark the shops that offer the 11.11 Sale and Black Friday Sales. I know I have. 🙂

If you happen to be one of the recipients of former 11.11 Singles Day and Black Friday events, you know that queuing in line the night before, even days ahead should be part of the master plan, otherwise be ready to enter the store with the least selling items. Online shoppers should also make sure to have a reliable connection. Internet traffic is real, and it can be bad when you are off to check out that most coveted item, just to end up having had by that sucky internet connection.

However you want to spend 11.11 Singles Day + Black Friday Sales, make sure to enjoy the thrill, and maybe drop by and let’s compare notes on the stuff we have scored. 🙂

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