5 Tips for looking younger as you age

There’s no escaping it. All of us will grow older, but that does mean we have to limit the things we do or even look our age.

Wanting to look younger than your actual age might seem like vanity to most, but it is more about your attitude. Who does not feel more confident when you look good and feel youthful and energetic?


If you’re looking for ways to look younger than your present age, here are some tips that have proven to work effectively.

1. Stay hydrated – one of the there will be biggest indications of growing old is your skin. As you age, there will definitely be wrinkles appearing on your skin. You can take good care of your skin by regularly going for a facial and the like. If you cannot afford that, just make sure that you will always follow the steps of cleansing, toning and applying moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy. Moisturizer makes sure that your skin is not dehydrated, which cause your skin to look dull.

2. Choose the right color for your hair – it’s important that your hair will still look natural even as you age. Don’t choose colors that are too bright for you. But dying your hair too dark can also be unnatural. It would be better to consult with a professional on what color best suits your skin tone. What is also important is that your hair should not be overprocessed. if you like dyeing your hair regularly, it might be time to just let it rest for a while so that it can be healthy again. Also, don’t shampoo every day, and stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates if you want to keep your hair bright and shiny.

3. Choose brighter colors for your lips – your lips can lose its volume as you grow older. If you want, you may choose to have lip fillers so that it can still maintain its volume even as time goes by, For others, what they do in the absence of lip fillers is to forgo using dark and matte lipsticks, as they can emphasize that fact. Instead, choose to wear lip gloss instead. A bright pink color will make your lips look fuller and smoother. Don’t forget to use lip scrub once in a while to get rid of the roughness and dryness, especially during the cold months.

4. Get enough sleep – a lot of things happens to your body when you don’t get enough sleep. Not only will you feel tired, you are also prone to be more stressed, which can make you even look older than your actual age.

5. Pamper yourself – one thing you should never stop doing is taking care of yourself. Take a vacation once in a while, if that’s not possible, you can just do simple things like getting a massage or indulging yourself in a shopping spree. When you live a stress-free life, it will clearly be seen on your face and body.

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