How Should You Update Your Address With IRS? What Is the Process?

You might wonder what to do if your business changes address after you register for your EIN. The IRS makes the process easy, with just a single form to notify them. You do not need to reapply for an EIN, nor do you have to worry about dissolving the old corporate structure and reincorporating as a new entity, the way you would if you were changing business structures.

Introducing Form 8822

All you need to do to notify the IRS is fill out Form 8822, which is simple and designed for those businesses who have already received an EIN and filed a tax return at least once. After submitting that form, you should receive confirmation from the IRS of your new address. For extra assurance that you are receiving all IRS communications, make sure you do the following when you move:

  • Fill out a mail forwarding card for your old address with the U.S. Postal Service a week before your official move
  • Plan for at least one month of overlap occupying both facilities
  • Submit your Form 8822 immediately after assuming possession of the new facilities

Taking these steps will help make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Registering a New EIN

While moving locations is not reason enough to have to apply for a new EIN, there are events that often correspond with corporate moves that will require one. If you are spinning out a new company that will be incorporated as a separate entity, you’ll need a new tax ID. The same goes if you are looking to reincorporate and change structure.

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