3 Places to Hide Your Taser Safely

A taser gun and a stun gun are the type of  weapon and they are the most powerful weapons and the most effective self-defense weapons if used properly. It is a weapon that helps you to temporarily disable the attacker to attack you without harming him bodily. It helps you to put a person on the ground until the help arrives at you or you run out from there with a good speed and in full charged battery power. Here are some ways to safely use this type of taser and stun guns when you are in a problem.

  1. You must know the maximum shooting distance-

A taser gun is type of a gun that will always work when the needle and prongs stick to the attacker. All different type of tasers works from a different distance. Likewise, civil tasers can be used from a distance of 15feet and lesser. Whereas the safety experts of taser guns say that it should use from a distance of 7feet or the user should fire from an ideal distance of 7-8feet away from the target. The distance gives a good spread between the needles and clings properly to your target till the help arrives at you. If the target is far behind from you then it will be difficult for the taser gun to attack your target.

  1. Double Duty-

If in case you fire the gun and miss your attacker, they can use the end of the taser and can attack again to the attacker you were supposed to attack. This will have the same effect as you maintain contact with it. So we have a double duty of pointing the attacker and firing the attacker safely.

  1. Make sure that its legal-

This is the final tip that this Home defense weapons are legal in your city or state. You must make sure that carrying this self defensive gun is legal to use in your area as because not all the states give their members the opportunity to use such type of defensive guns or items.

  1. Know where you must aim-

The best part of the body where to aim is the lower part of the body near the hips and below that the torso area or near the lower part of the neck. These are the parts where the taser will be experienced fully by the person. This weapon allows you to trigger your attacker when the red light comes out the weapon you will get to know that where you are pointing the weapon. This is the most important thing to know that where you must aim at with your defensive stun guns.

  1. Make a spark test-

You must conduct a spark test before taking it with you. This will help you to know that whether your taser gun is working properly or not. To test this, you need to remove the cartridge or press the activation button. You will see the sparks of the gun at it tips ad you will get to know that whether it is working properly or not.

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