3 Elements You Need to Create a Chic Living Room

Your living room is the focal point of your home. It is the one area that your friends, family members, and visitors get to see the most. It is not only the room to host all of your get-togethers in, but your living room is also a statement; it is a representation of who you are, a reflection of your personality. Because of that, you need to make sure you are giving your visitors the right perception of you.

Redecorating your living room will provide you with the opportunity to change your neighbors’ and friends’ perceptions. It will give you the chance to bring out your inner chicness and give you a beautiful, clean look that will impress anyone who steps through your front door.

Here, we discuss some of the elements you need to incorporate into your living room design that will help create that chic ambiance you so desire.


Start with the colors of the room. You will want to start off with neutral colors or cool colors, for your walls and as the basis for your furniture. Warm colors such as shades of reds, oranges, and yellows create an atmosphere of passion or excitement. They can give your room an energetic feel, but that is not how a chic room should feel. You need to choose tones of white, cream, or blue to give your living room a calm and elegant appearance and ambiance.

If you do use a warm color, do so in limited use. Pick more of a subdued shade that can serve as an accent color rather than a major element. These can be used in patterns within your curtains, incorporated into the elegant throw pillows on your sofa, or as part of any decorative pieces, you place in the room.


The seating area of the living room is the most important, so you want your furniture to fit naturally within the color scheme you have chosen. Your sofa and chairs should be of a sleek, minimalistic design, with sharp angles or lines; or they could be more contemporary, with some curves added to them. The cushions of the seating area do not necessarily need to match the colors of your walls but they should be of a similar hue, enough so to make them feel like they belong in the space.

Table styles should match the design of the seating area. If the coffee table and side tables have too harsh of an edge compared to your smooth-looking seating furniture, then the tables will stand out, and not in a good way. They will be obviously out of place and an eyesore. Match simple with simple, and smooth with smooth.


A new chic rug is a great way to incorporate both design and texture into your living room. In terms of color, make sure any rug you pick out will fit into the theme you have already chosen. If you have existing carpet you are trying to work around, or if you are replacing the carpet for a completely new look, then you will want a rug that accents that layer of carpet, not overwhelm it. If you are working with hardwood flooring in your living room, then you will want the rug to stand out, allowing the color of the wood to serve as a frame for it.

The material used to manufacture the rug and the shape of the rug should suit the room as well. You do not want to introduce curves into a minimalist room. Nor do you want to put a thick wool or cotton rug into a room with thin seating cushions. Thicknesses/dimensions need to match up as well, for your rug, furniture, or any other element of your chic living room design.

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