6 Hair Care Tips to Try for Cheap

So many people spend a lot of money buying products and getting hair treatments, only to be left dissatisfied at the end. While there is nothing wrong with investing your money on them, know that don’t need to spend so much to care for your hair. You can view this link for some practical tips and reviews for hair care. Also, check out the list below for some hair tips you can try that will only cost you a little money.

6 hair care tips to try for cheap

    1. Wash your hair less often – Here’s something that will not cost you money, and will even earn you some. It might take some getting used to, especially for those who wash their hair everyday or every other day, but limiting the time you wash your hair can actually have some benefits. Many are saying that shampooing daily can actually your hair because you are stripping it of its nutrients and natural oils. Learn to wash your hair every 3 or even 4 days.

  1. Air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer  – The heat can cause your hair to get damaged, plus they can be expensive to buy, especially if you go for the branded ones. If you are traveling, leave your blow dryer at home to give your hair a break.
  2. Use some staple pantry items – You don’t need a trip to the mall for some products that will give life to your hair. You just need to go to your kitchen! Something as simple as baking soda can be used to remove hair products in place of shampoo. Other ingredients that can be used include lemon and honey, which you can combine with olive oil to treat hair that has been under the sun too long. You can even make your own conditioner by combining eggs and yogurt.
  3. Wash your hair with cold water – Hot showers are great for relaxing, but if you want less damage for your hair, you need to stick to washing your hair with cold water. Your hair will become dry and brittle with hot water.
  4. Use coconut oil – Here’s a product you may want to invest on. Coconut oil is not just for consuming, but it can also be very beneficial for your hair. If you are looking for a way to get silly, smooth and shiny hair, then include coconut oil in your hair regimen. You don’t need to use this every day. Once a week is enough.  Apply the oil on your hair, wrap it in a scarf and keep it there overnight. The next day, wash it all off with shampoo.
  5. Trim your hair regularly to avoid having split ends – Nobody wants to have split ends, and the best way to avoid them is to have your hair regularly trimmed. The ideal between interval is six weeks. If you think you are skilled enough, you can do this yourself if you do not want to shell out the money for a trip to the salon.

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