How to Plan a Sunday Chill Day that Makes the Week Easier

You deal with so much stress during the weekdays that when the weekend comes around, you just want to forget about work altogether. You deserve the downtime and if you can get a break, you should. However, when you get back to work on Monday, it’s back to the same old stressful routine.

Instead of just using your Sunday to get those final dregs of freedom, use it to improve the upcoming week. Here’s how to do it:

Cook Ahead

When you have a busy week, it will help if you can reduce the number of decisions you have to do each day. You don’t have to spend too much time thinking about what to eat and stressing over the unhealthy options you’ll consume just because they’re cheaper. If you plan ahead, this is one thing off your mind. There are plenty of make-ahead meals you can prepare on Sunday, freeze, and thaw when you’re ready to eat them. Take them to work as your power lunch or reheat them in the evening so that you can have a relaxing dinner to end the day.

Connect with People

You may argue that you just want to be alone to recharge during the weekend, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But think about it: at work, you’re forced to socialize with people you might not even like. You do this five times a week. Wouldn’t it be nice to socialize with people you actually like? You can use your Sunday to catch up and just hang out with your friends. If you don’t want to spend money, invite them over to watch a movie or cook together. And if you really want to spend the day alone, just leave them a message or give them a call for a few minutes while you’re doing other things, such as preparing to buy face mask online. It won’t take up that much time and the result is you feeling less lonely. When it’s time to get up for work again, you won’t feel tired of talking to the same people at work.

Plan Your Outfits

If you can plan your food for the week, you can plan something that takes less effort, too. Planning your outfitscuts a significant amount of time in your daily morning routine. You don’t have to feel stressed because you can’t find those pants that look perfect with your top. When everything is laid out in front of you, dressing up will be a breeze. And the best part? You can turn this into a challenge. Come up with combinations you haven’t worn before, to make full use of each item in your closet. You may have those pieces you rarely wear, and you have default options. Plan new combinations to give yourself a new look, which might even get you some compliments!

Sundays can be used for resting or they can be used for improving your mood for the upcoming week. Do these changes regularly and you’ll be able to tackle weekdays with ease and confidence.

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