Experience the Premiere of Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment with the Caviar Luxury Facial by Diana Stalder

One mention of the word “Caviar,” and we always in an instant associate it with the word “luxury.” But when it comes to our skin, are we willing to indulge to what could might as well be the premiere of anti-aging beauty treatment?

Caviar Extract Beauty Benefits

First off, what exactly are the benefits of a caviar? Sure, we know caviar is essentially synonymous to luxury but how exactly does it do our skin any good? Women’s Health Mag identified the following caviar beauty benefits:

  1. Minimized fine lines.
  2. Moisturized, glowing skin.
  3. Well-hydrated skin.

Caviar Luxury Facial Treatment by Diana Stalder

Diana Stalder recently introduced the Caviar Luxury Facial Treatment. This facial provides a sumptuous and luxurious remedy that effectively prevents future signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. It contains abundant trace elements that deliver smoothness and elasticity to the skin, thus helping cell regeneration and tissue growth.

Products used in Caviar Luxury Facial by Diana Stalder

Some of the products used in the Luxury Caviar Facial

This two-hour facial features deep washing, toning with the use of serums to resurface the skin’s dewy youthful glow, and a dermalift treatment to maintain a firm, smooth and toned skin.

This facial promotes even skin tone by helping prevent discoloration. It also has a brightening effect. The result? Firm, hydrated and illuminated skin. The skin is left radiant and re-energized with an application of a suitable eye treatment, ampoule and moisturizer.

Caviar Luxury Facial by Diana Stalder

These shots were taken during the launch of Caviar Luxury Facial last week. Caviar Luxury Facial by Diana Stalder

Diana Stalder Facials

Now when it comes to the best facials, I will always vouch for Diana Stalder. Regardless of what branch I go to, I always get the same facial strokes that I get really giddy over. Totally tells of how well they train their aestheticians. The uniformed, well-studied rhythmic strokes on my face are done as a pre-treatment step, and I kid you not about them being one and the same, regardless of who does it or what branch of Diana Stalder I have my facial treatment done. Except of course for the random relaxing music that goes perfectly with every session. Just thinking about how relaxing facials are in Diana Stalder, makes me crave for my much needed “Me Time.”

Ultimate Indulgencd Caviar Facial by Diana Stalder

A good facial will make you feel pampered, leaving your skin looking and feeling better and will also leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Don’t just take my word for it, visit Diana Stalder clinics and to learn more of Diana Stalder’s products and services. Head on over at www.dianastalder.com and follow Diana Stalder on Facebook.

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