Celebrating White Weeksary with Silka Green Papaya Soap

While I really have no plans to have a fairer skin, I will be the first to confess that I can sure make use of a more even skin tone. I recently just heard about how much more effective green papaya soap is more than its usual orange counterpart – specifically, Silka Green Papaya Soap.

For a whole lot of women, achieving healthier and fairer skin comes with its cost: expensive, skin dryness, harsh chemicals. Silka, the brand at the forefront of producing affordable and effective beauty products, believes that this should not be the case. I have always been a supporter of things all natural. And Silka being an herbal soap, I am totally giving this product a chance. I might just achieve the even skin tone I have been hoping to have for the longest time.

silka green papaya soap

The new and improved Silka Green Papaya with VitaRich Actives have been further enhanced with green papaya enzymes that treat dead skin cells; and vitamin E with antioxidant properties that help condition the skin. These formulation changes help Filipinas experience puting walang hapdi, in as early as just 7 days — proving that accomplishing fair skin can be fast and convenient without the dryness and stinging associated with other whitening product brands.

Angelica Panganiban for Silka Green Papaya Soap

In a celebration held in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Quezon City, Silka Green Papaya endorser Angelica Panganiban was introduced to media and special guests, coinciding with the launch of Silka’s White Weeksary campaign.

During the program, it was revealed that Angelica is a firm believer of Silka’s mission to help women achieve their skin goals and recognizes that Silka is a trusted brand because of their quality products that help women feel and be their best.

Angelica Panganiban for Silka Green Papaya Soap

Angelica Panganiban has gone through a lot of ups and downs throughout her life and career. Because of her experiences, she knows when to take time for herself and avoid issues that can affect her” said Jane Co, Silka’s Marketing Head. “As a Silka lady, Angelica embodies tunay na alaga, and chooses those that will not hurt her. Beautiful and smart, she is an inspiring example for Filipinas” Co added.

Experience puting walang hapdi in as early as 7 days and celebrate a White Weeksary with Silka Green Papaya soap to look and be your best all the time.

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