3 Emerging Film Industry Trends for 2020

The film industry has seen some major changes over the last decade in terms of storytelling, production and distribution. It is a malleable field that continues to evolve to satisfy the artists, audience members and investors. As the year 2020 arrives, there will be some particular film trends that everyone should expect to see as the industry continues to innovate.

3 Emerging Film Industry Trends for 2020

Diverse Cast and Crew

Audiences are diverse in terms of gender, race, religion, class and other aspects. As such, they are attracted to stories that represent them, preferably from the authentic perspectives of diverse filmmakers. From producers like Heather Parry to directors like Guillermo del Toro and actors like Lupita Nyong’o, diverse crews and stories will continue to be featured and celebrated all throughout the industry.

Practical and Computer Generated Effects

While it initially seemed like Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) would rule blockbuster productions, it appears that many audience members respond strongly to the authenticity practical effects provide. Overreliance and misuse of CGI can lead to a displeasing uncanny valley effect in viewers. Modern filmmakers can resolve this by combining both effects, making the fantastic feel more grounded, as seen in productions like the sequel Star Wars trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road and television series like Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Digital Accessibility to Smaller Films

Independent, experimental and smaller productions, in general, used to have smaller popular exposure via limited theatrical releases or under-advertised direct-to-video distribution. Now with online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, these filmmakers can share their stories and release them directly to their audience. Other advantages of digital venues include appropriate budgets and greater creative freedom.

Film will continue to change and shift to meet the demands and changes inherent to the new decade. Filmmakers can benefit from learning about these trends to create successful and relevant productions in the future.

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