Three Unique Ways to Protect Your Aging Loved One

If you have a parent or loved one who is reaching senior adulthood, you may have many concerns about how to navigate this new chapter of life. It’s important to plan ahead for things like long-term care, estate planning and even funeral costs. However, there are several steps you can take now to help care for your aging parent while they still live independently. By utilizing these unique yet practical ideas, you can help protect your loved one and allow them to enjoy more self-sufficiency in the days and years to come.

Three Unique Ways to Protect Your Aging Loved One

Prepare Them for a Medical Emergency

Small steps, like purchasing a custom medical alert bracelet and creating an emergency action plan can help both you and your loved one feel more prepared during a crisis. Ensuring they have the proper medical identification can help alert emergency responders and even friends and neighbors of any existing conditions that could be life-threatening. Discussing a plan in case of accidents can help your loved one be more prepared to think and act quickly to avoid unnecessary danger or harm. Be sure to post the instructions in clear view throughout the house as a daily reminder and for easy access.

Help Them Set Up a Food Delivery Service

Keeping healthy food, toiletries and household supplies in the house can be a challenge that increases with age. When driving and unloading the car are no longer safe for your loved one, you can help them subscribe to a food delivery service. Most companies have their shoppers bring items to the front door, while others are often willing to bring items inside. Utilizing this type of service allows them to maintain some freedom in shopping and preparing meals. In addition, it can help prevent you from having to pick up and drop off these items yourself.

Install Some Type of Home Surveillance

When an aging loved one lives alone, it’s important to be able to check in and ensure their safety. While a basic home security system can help protect against intruders, you may need to request a few upgrades to allow remote monitoring for when you need to put eyes on a particular space in the home. Installing cameras throughout the house can help you reach your loved one if they can’t get to the phone or aren’t answering the front door.

If you’re concerned for an elderly loved one’s safety and well-being, there are ways to help protect them while letting them keep some independence. With creative ideas and a well-formed plan, they can enjoy more time at home while you can enjoy more peace of mind.

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