Fashion Trends for Summer Including Resort Wear for Women

The start of summer always has the United Kingdom, includingall the other European countries, in a frenzy. With so little time and so much to do, people love the aspect of taking a walk down to the beach and sunbathing in their bikinis and one-piece swimsuits or taking a dip in the water. In summer less is more in England, not just because well, it’s hot, but because we hardly get enough of it throughout the rest of the year that we dive right in when the yellow rays hit our faces.

But don’ forget to wear your sunscreen.

With the outbreak of the current climate, there has been a bit of a downer moment when it comes to going out, and some of us have tried and tested various ways keeping ourselves entertained, some of which include dressing up in our designer wear to take the garbage out and say help to the post-man. If you don’t believe us click here to find out more.

In the recent weeks, however, it seems as though the reigns are starting to get loosened and were able to finally go out into the social scene (keeping our safety precautions on) and enjoy some time with both friends and family.

When this happens, you know everyone’s been excited to show off all those new clothes that they have been ordering online and stacking up just for this moment, to finally unveil their creative and fashionable outfits once again.

So, even though we’re not completely free of the quarantine situation, it is safe to say that every chance we get we will flaunt it! And therefore, we have also put together this article with just a few of the most happening summer trends that have erupted this year, for you to enjoy, and perhaps flaunt as well.

What to Wear?

Many of those recently opened pubs and restaurants need folk and were here for them all the way, all dressed up and finally somewhere to go with the below trends.

Accentuate the Bra. This has quietly crept up without us even noticing until now, as the popular choice of many designers. These types of dresses and tops are a lot more risqué but why not? When the exposed thong trend came about on the runways of Milan in 2019, designers were asking themselves, and what about the bra? So, it looks like they finally had the time to throw this one in as well.

As a result, exposed bandeaus and sequence combinations are the in thing. As they say – different strokes for different folks, and all that. So, if an exposed brasserie appeals to you, go out with a bang!

The Kate Dress. What’s this about Kate? Perhaps named after the many gorgeously fitted dresses that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wears, or maybe Kate Hudson the celebrity has something to do with it, we’re not yet sure about the origins of this name but it is what it is. What we do know is that this trend is stunning and if you’re about to go your well-deserved vacation, this is a definite one to pack. Check out this link to get more inspiration, It’s got charm and style yet has a casual resort vibe to it.

This trend comprises of a mid-length Capri, with a lace back and sash belt design. Put on your favorite sunhat, some sunglasses,and grab that cocktail on your way to the beach bed that await your leisure.

Baggy Is Back. That’s right, the trend of going baggy is back! No more tight pants and short shorts were thinking jumpsuits, rompers, and overalls. It’s cute, stylish, and comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to wear one piece of outfit that needs no introduction?

Also, if you want to wear an oversized pair of jeans, do it. An over-sized top, go for it! There are no limits what you can do with the option. And throw in a splash or purple while you’re at it. At the end of the day, what you wear doesn’t matter as much as how you wear it.

Baggy is also very aerating. During the hot summer months and especially recently with the heat waves hitting the countries left, right and center, wearing anything loose, will help you from getting too hot and keep you aerated.

Should we let you in on a secret? Denim is coming back too. Try on the Canadian Tuxedo and let us know how you feel! You will be pleasantly surprised.

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