How to Carry Your Pistol Comfortably

One of the first things people notice after getting their concealed carry is that their pistol is uncomfortable. Few people wear their weapons after getting their permit because it just becomes a figurative and literal pain. However, there are some steps you can take to make your concealed carry experience more comfortable.

 How to Carry Your Pistol Comfortably


With so much new technology out there, holsters are no longer just made from stiff plastic or leather. Today they are made with synthetic materials that are contoured to fit around your hip or torso. Some even have a breathable mesh lining to make it more comfortable and let air flow between you and your firearm. Of course, many companies continue to make holsters out of stiff leather that molds to your hip overtime. Desantis Holsters is a company that offers products made from a wide array of materials.

Gun Belts

Choosing a high-quality gun belt is just as essential for comfort as your holster and pistol. Your belt does not have to be leather, but if it is, make sure that it is of good quality from a reputable dealer. Cheap belts, no matter what material they use, are not a good option and tend to be uncomfortable. Buying a nicer belt will last longer, have improved function, and be more comfortable.


Wearing an undershirt can offer you an extra layer between your skin and the cold metal of your firearm. Tucking in your undershirt can give you a little extra protection and your weapon can be concealed by wearing a loose shirt over it. If you are open carrying, simply tucking in your regular shirt will give provide that extra layer.

Gun Size

The size of your weapon also plays into comfort. Since larger guns are harder to conceal, many people look for smaller ones. However, going too small can limit the caliber and capacity of a pistol and make it a poor choice for self-defense. Therefore, many people look for small to medium-sized firearms. They offer adequate protection and can be concealed easily. Furthermore, your body type may play into what type of weapon you can carry. For instance, if you are a larger person, you can probably carry a bigger gun with ease, while smaller people will want little pistols.

Whether you are open or concealed carrying, you want to be able to comfortably take your weapon with you. Purchasing a quality holster and belt, tucking in your shirt, and choosing an appropriately sized gun are some of the best ways to improve your comfort level while carrying a pistol.


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