Work from home with confidence using these tips

Nowadays, when almost everyone’s work from home routineis blended with their personal life, there are those who struggle with the dilemma of not knowing when work begins when it exactly ends each day.

Work from home with confidence using these tips

These beauty products from Bobbie Cosmetics keep you fresh and beautiful all day

For some, dressing up and putting on makeup helps provide structure and separates their professional and personal lives. Spending some time to get ready for work” gives them a sense of normalcy.

Here are a few tips to brighten WFH routines and give one the confidence to take on new tasks:

Work from home with confidence using these tips
lay the day with Duo Lippies from Bobbie Cosmetics.

Swipe some lipstick

The simple act of putting on some lipstick can sometimes make one feel more put together and productive. Take your pick from Bobbie Cosmetics Matte About Hue lipstick (P165), which is available in 24 timeless matte shades to suit every mood.  

Those looking for a thinner, lighter consistency can opt for Bobbie Cosmetics Pretty in Tint (P145). This highlypigmented lip stain infused with hydrating shea butter can leave one’s lips feeling plump and nourished.

One way to look fresh and naturally glowing is to highlight one’s skin with the Bobbie Cosmetics Gleam Squad Contour and Strobe.

Get creative with a fun makeup session

It may seem weird to take out your makeup bag when you’re only working from home, but experts say keeping up one’s beauty routine can be a form of self-care. This is also a great opportunity to experiment with new looks and fun colors you’ve always wanted to try.  

Prep your face with Bobbie Cosmetics Poof! Concealer (P115). Enriched with antioxidants, this compact kit helps brighten the skin while covering dark spots and discoloration. You can also turn your face into a flawless canvas with Bobbie Cosmetics Don’t Go With The Flaw Corrector + Concealer (P299), which is available in six shades so you can find your perfect match.  

Have a full day of online meetings ahead? Look good in video calls with Bobbie Cosmetics Squad Contour and Strobe Palette (P399). This collection of versatile shades can define one’s features can be applied into the hairline, under the jawline and around the cheekbones to enhance your best features and get you camera-ready.

Finally, get glowing with the Bobbie Cosmetics Glow Obsession Liquid Illuminator (P299). This liquid shimmer gives skin a subtle sheen that creates a fresh and youthful look.

Start your day on a beautiful note and feel powerful to take on everyday tasks with Bobbie Cosmetics. Searching for new looks to try? Visit @bobbiecosmetics on Instagram.

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