Post Title 3 Fun Ideas to Organize Your Jewelry

Post Title 3 Fun Ideas to Organize Your Jewelry

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s owned a fair amount of jewelry that organization can get out of hand fast. This is usually because people continue to add new jewelry to their collections, and they either run out of space originally set aside for jewelry or they don’t have any helpful tool to keep things separated. To fix the chaotic heap on your dresser or counter, here are three awesome ideas to organize your jewelry that will make it easier to find your favorite pair of earrings.

Try Bowls or Cushions

Try organizing your jewelry into bowls or onto velvet cushions to optimize counter space. Not only does this clear up room on surfaces by providing a special place for your jewelry, but it also allows you to organize your jewelry by dividing it up between the bowls. Consider putting earrings in one bowl and necklaces in another. Or, if you have sets that match one another, organize them by color and appearance — whatever makes the most sense to you. If you don’t like the look of a bowl, a velvet cushion works just as well with a fancier appearance.

Use Organizer Trays

Sometimes jewelry just needs a little separation. Whether it’s so you can see your options better or to keep the earrings and necklaces from becoming a tangled heap, organizer trays can lessen the madness. If you use a drawer for your jewelry, you can find specialized jewelry trays for drawers that fit snuggly inside. Just open up the drawer to rediscover all your favorite pieces!

Put up Wall Hangings

One of the greatest ways to display jewelry is on the wall itself. Necklaces are prone to getting tangled up if they sit on a flat surface or get heaped together, and hanging them on the wall is a superb way to avoid that and display them beautifully. Jewelry is already an art on your body, so why not make it an art on the wall when you’re not wearing it? Try out different stand designs to find the one you like best. Some come in the form of tree branches that you can make on your own, while others can be crafted from old picture frames with mesh in the middle.

Whatever you choose, there’s bound to be some creative way to display your jewelry without the mess. Try any of these options to see what suits your needs and aesthetic appeal the most.

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