Shopee Launches Arena and Airwalk Under Planet Sports

While it is rather easy to see that most of us have truly indulged on cooking and baking this quarantine, we really ought to consider getting fit, and burn all those calories. I know, I should. 😀

If you are considering that road to fitness, the right gears should be in place. We used to frequent Planet Sports before the lockdown, but now that I have come to truly embrace the perks of online shopping, I no longer look forward to going to the physical store these days. I super love that Planet Sports is now on Shopee.

What’s even nicer is that Arena and Airwalk is under Planet Sports on Shopee! Woo-hoo!!! What’s first on my list, you ask?

Arena and Airwalk launch under Planet Sports on Shopee

Airwalk Women’s Jaden Planet Sports

So pretty, right? It totally has my name on it! I have been using Airwalk for decades! Yes, decades! And I can vouch for its comfort, like super! At one point in my life, I only vowed to use Airwalk and nothing else! True story.

Make sure not to miss the Planet Sports promos on Shopee. Download the Shopee App on your iOS and Android devices, if you have not yet.


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